Exclusive Yachts™ Launches the First Membership Club for Luxury Yacht Experiences

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The company’s model makes yachting easier, consistent and stress-free for frequent travelers

NAPLES, Fla., May 05, 2023--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Luxury yacht experiences are now easier than ever, thanks to Exclusive Yachts™, the world’s first subscription-based membership club offering unforgettable yachting experiences without the headaches of owning a vessel or frequent ad-hoc charters. The company made its official debut last Thursday and plans to welcome 50 members annually.

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"We have systematically tried to solve what often vexes seasoned yachters and those who are interested but intimidated by the industry," said Scott Stuckmann, CEO of Exclusive Yachts™. "For a fraction of the cost of chartering or owning a boat, we’re ensuring each moment at sea is as relaxing and stress-free as possible. Our mission is for guests to step on with no worries, and step off with only memories."

Exclusive Yachts™ offers a subscription-based membership model that unlocks global destinations and yacht sizes ranging from 35 to 115 feet. Members choose between five tiered membership levels for "YachtPoints™" that can be redeemed for access to a fleet of luxury vessels in locations such as Florida, the Northeastern United States, the Bahamas, the Mediterranean and beyond. (Watch Video)

"While our membership model is new and unique to yachting, the real draw is consistent luxury," said Bill Charbonneau, co-founder and chief yachting officer for Exclusive Yachts™. "Our team is passionate about sharing a seamless, memorable experience that is perfect for those who are yachting more than once or twice a year."

Using the web-based booking app or calling by phone, members can reserve days on the water and are assigned an Exclusive Yachts™ concierge to take care of all of the details. All members need to do is select a date, destination, yacht size, and their customizable experiences. YachtPoints™ cover docking, fuel, crew and crew gratuity.

Created by Charbonneau and co-founder Josh Linkner, Exclusive Yachts™ was born from a lifelong love of the water. Charbonneau’s Naples Nantucket Yacht Group (NNYG) launched in 2006 and began growing its fleet of yachts for charter. Linkner, a venture capitalist and entrepreneur, became a frequent charter guest and developed a friendship with Charbonneau.

"Bill and I began exploring ways to make yachting more accessible, reliable, and affordable for a larger audience," said Linkner. "Ultimately, we want to help people maximize enduring memories on a yacht without the pain points and expenses associated with it. Simply put, it’s yachting smarter."

To learn more about Exclusive Yachts™ or membership, visit ExclusiveYachts.club.

About Exclusive Yachts™

Exclusive Yachts™ is a subscription-based membership club delivering personalized yachting experiences with unparalleled service, safety, and privacy in the world's top yachting playgrounds. With an Exclusive Yachts™ (EY) membership, members enjoy access to an ever-expanding and diverse fleet of luxury yachts at a fraction of the cost of ownership and without the hassles of ad-hoc chartering. To learn more about Exclusive Yachts™ or membership, visit ExclusiveYachts.club.

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