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Exercise Should be Prescribed for Depression

New Groundbreaking Report Connects Exercise to Mental Health and Wellness

BALTIMORE, Aug. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Have you ever wondered if exercise impacts your mental health, how walking can lead to mental well-being, or whether yoga reduces symptoms of depression or anxiety? On August 30th, the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation (JWB) released a groundbreaking report on over 30 years of published research on the link between physical activity and mental health. The Move Your Mental Health™ Report synthesizes over 1,600 peer-reviewed scientific studies on how exercise affects brain function and mental health. This research is vital to advance and revolutionize mental health care by showing the importance of a well-rounded, integrative treatment plan.

The John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation
The John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation

Integrative wellness leader Deepak Chopra says, "This synthesis of the evidence paves the way for physical activity to be recognized and integrated as a key component of mental health promotion and treatment." From aquatic exercise to dance, to high-intensity interval training to walking, the report includes sections on 20 types of exercise. Among the conclusions:

  • 89% of all published peer-reviewed research between 1990 and 2022 found a positive, statistically significant relationship between exercise/physical activity and mental health.

  • Three to five 30-45-minute moderate to vigorous exercise sessions per week appear to deliver optimal mental health benefits.

  • Combining or alternating strength/resistance training with cardiovascular/aerobic exercise shows stronger benefits on mental health outcomes than either one alone.

  • Team sports, cycling, and aerobic or gym exercise are the top three forms of exercise associated with over 20% fewer "poor mental health" days per month.

Clinical psychologist and Executive Director of the JWB Foundation Cassandra Vieten says, "Routinely moving our bodies is a key element in the ecosystem of factors that help us to build our mental and emotional well-being. The new mental health care needs to recognize that a holistic approach is not only necessary, but will be cost-saving and life-saving." Fitness pioneer and JWB founder Victor Brick adds, "Evidence shows that these approaches - exercise, nutrition, mind-body practices - should be integrated immediately into treating mental illness and promoting mental well-being."

Download an executive summary and the full report free here

JWB has invested over $3,000,000 into advancing integrative approaches to mental health. Founded by Victor and Lynne Brick, the largest franchise holders of Planet Fitness, in honor of Victor's oldest brother, John, who died of complications of schizophrenia. Learn at https://www.johnwbrickfoundation.org/



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SOURCE John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation