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SPRINGFIELD, OR / ACCESSWIRE / January 19, 2023 / FPW Media, also known as Fast Paced World, is a comprehensive marketing agency that addresses all aspects of a client's marketing needs, both on and offline. FPW positions itself as an "unagency," which means it prioritizes the needs of its clients rather than pushing their own ideas of what a campaign should be. The company is fully integrated and adaptable to the client's needs.

FPW Media, Thursday, January 19, 2023, Press release picture
FPW Media, Thursday, January 19, 2023, Press release picture

One of the key features of FPW Media is its ability to provide fully integrated marketing services. This means that the agency can handle all aspects of a marketing campaign, from strategy development to implementation and measurement. Whether a client needs help with online or offline marketing, FPW Media has the expertise and resources to deliver results.

Working with FPW Media can give businesses an advantage in the ever-changing marketing landscape. The agency's team of experts can help companies stay current with the latest trends and strategies, which can give them a competitive advantage in their industry. With technology and consumer behavior constantly evolving, it can be challenging for businesses to keep up, but FPW Media can help them stay ahead of the curve.

"In today's fast-paced marketing world, agencies must be able to adapt quickly and have a deep understanding of all marketing platforms to meet their clients' needs proactively. At FPW Media, we have over 50 creative experts who work closely with clients in real-time to understand their needs. As a professional photographer since the age of 15, I founded this agency because I saw that many of my clients felt that the agencies they worked with were inflexible and lacked a comprehensive approach. Our services at FPW Media range from photography and videography to branding, trade show design and activation, and comprehensive branded merchandise," says Owen Garitty, Founder and Lead Creative at FPW Media.

Owen Garitty left college to pursue his passion for photography and videography. Starting his career at the young age of 15, he quickly made a name for himself as a professional photographer. However, as he worked with traditional agencies for his clients, he encountered numerous difficulties that led to a "lightbulb" moment. This realization prompted him to create an agency with a refreshingly different approach.

At FPW Media, the priority is always on providing excellent customer service. Clients have direct communication with the team members working on their projects to ensure clear communication and understanding. FPW Media serves as an advisor, guiding clients through the process and helping them to determine what works best for their needs. The ultimate goal is for FPW Media to function as an extension of the client's marketing team.

In today's climate-conscious world, FPW Media is making a concerted effort to minimize its environmental impact. As many of the agency's clients work in emerging technologies and place a strong emphasis on sustainability, the agency has thoroughly evaluated all of its manufacturing and operational processes to ensure they are as eco-friendly as possible. This includes using electric equipment instead of natural gas-powered options for screen printing and implementing energy-efficient lighting systems. The agency also sources 86% of its power from hydroelectric sources and offsets any remaining emissions through the purchase of carbon offset credits that help fund reforestation projects around the world. FPW Media has a diverse client base, including those in the green energy and heavy industrial sectors.

According to Owen Garitty, "As the marketing and branding industry has rapidly grown in the digital space, there is still a desire for a personal touch and face-to-face interactions with marketing partners. Our approach offers a unique blend of both, seamlessly integrating the customer journey from the real world to online and back again, creating a cohesive story across all touchpoints. Our recent inclusion on Adweek's list of fastest-growing agencies is a testament to the effectiveness of our approach. This honor is not given to many agencies in our industry, and our expanding customer base in countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and parts of Europe, along with the positive reviews and referrals from our customers, further highlights our success."

About FPW Media

FPW Media is a groundbreaking creative studio with three highly connected divisions: Brand, Films, and Merch. The agency follows a contrarian approach by eschew conventional labels, monikers and marketing models to offer services from a client oriented perspective. The studio specializes in a wide range of services like photography, videography, online marketing, trade shows, exhibition services, and product merchandise to offer 360 degree marketing services.

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