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Experts Answer Your Obamacare Questions Live

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HealthCare.gov, the federally-run health insurance marketplace, is two months old. The site has been riddled with glitches since its launch on Oct. 1, causing the Obama administration to announce delays to multiple components of the Affordable Care Act. On Friday the Department of Health and Human Services said there would be a one-year delay in online health insurance enrollment capability for small businesses with 50 or fewer full-time workers. That came soon after the announcement giving consumers until Dec. 23 – an additional eight days – to sign up for coverage that takes effect Jan. 1, allowing more time for people to compare and shop for plans.

Meanwhile, on Monday the HHS released a progress report for HealthCare.gov that said "dramatic progress has been made on improving" the site, which now has an error rate of below 1% and increased capacity to allow 50,000 users to access it at once.

We've been answering your health care questions here. And today at 2pm EST we're chatting with several health policy experts, as well as representatives from two state health insurance exchanges, and taking your questions.