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How the Experts at GTC Consistently Keep Everyone, and Everything, Right On Track

·8 min read

Providing precise satellite communications solutions for businesses and individuals, this U.K. based business has evolved into a global enterprise that uses exceptional technology to track anything - and everything

POOLE, UK / ACCESSWIRE / June 6, 2022 / Established in 2008, U.K. based business GTC is currently experiencing major growth in both the U.S. and EU markets. Specializing in satellite communications, GTC has the capability to provide wide-ranging services [both literally and figuratively], to clients around the world. By tracking people and assets, they deliver efficacious connectivity solutions, utilizing incomparable next-generation satellite technology. GTC seamlessly provides communications hardware, airtime, mapping, and related services on the world's leading satellite networks.

GTC enables wireless communications in underserved regions, areas not served at all by regular landline or mobile networks, or in circumstances where the networks are not operational in the event of natural or man-made disasters. Products and services offered by GTC provide 100% global coverage, enabling users in remote locations the capacity to make phone calls, connect to the internet, and track assets or personnel wherever they find themselves.

Truly the definition of a "One-Stop Shop," GTC keeps customers connected in whatever way they need, anywhere in the world; in fact, none of their competitors sell anywhere near the vast amount and variety of devices that they do. GTC's Florida-based U.S. sister company OSAT [Orbital Satcom Corp.] offers their considerable satellite tracking and communications services to primarily customers in North and South America.

GTC identified a gap in the U.K. market for sales of satellite communications equipment via e-commerce channels. As experts in Mobile Satellite Services and IoT solutions via satellite, GTC and OSAT are situated to make the most of the significant opportunities being shaped by global investments in new and upgraded satellite networks.

With projected billion dollar investments in new satellite constellations by providing connectivity to end users all over the globe, they are ideally positioned to benefit from the recent ‘space race'. Their ever-expanding client roster includes government, military, and commercial sectors, as well as individual consumers.

Their B2B and B2C customer base ranges across diverse industries such as Agriculture, Forestry, Utilities, Security, Media, Communications and Recreation, to name just a few. GTCTrack, their proprietary mapping software, is compatible with a variety of satellite and GSM devices from a range of manufacturers.

David Phipps, GTC's Managing Director, is also President and CEO of Global Operations at NextPlat Corp. [Nasdaq listed NXPL], the parent company of GTC. In conjunction with Sales and Development Manager James Phipps, Marketing Manager Jenna Foster, and other long-term employees, the staff at GTC have a combined experience of more than 100 years in the industry. In 2021, GTC listed more than 4,500 products across 19 worldwide marketplaces, with categories that include voice, data, tracking, internet, SOS devices, airtime, and short term rentals. Due to the wide range of market-leading satellite voice and data devices they sell, GTC proudly ranks among the 1% of million dollar Amazon sellers.

According to a recent article published by the e-commerce intelligence firm, Marketplace Pulse, less than 1% of all the sellers across Amazon's platform worldwide have surpassed the $1 million mark. GTC's 2021 sales levels were substantially higher than this threshold. "Reaching this benchmark speaks to the dedication of the entire GTC team", notes David Phipps, "and we look forward to building on this success by continuing to create the most optimal solutions for our clients."

GTC's parent company, Nasdaq listed NextPlat (NXPL), recently announced a massive increase in net sales, driven by continuing strong demand for satellite-based connectivity and tracking solutions in the major North American and European markets. GTC's performance was a major contributor to the record revenue, and to the expansion of the e-commerce footprint, as their sales increased by more than 156% for the first quarter of 2022.

GTC sustains direct relationships with Iridium, Viasat, Kymeta, Garmin, Globalstar, SPOT, ICOM and Blue Sky Network, among many other manufacturers and satellite network operators. Their substantial inventory commitments with a number of key partners around the world have meant that even with obstacles such as worldwide chip shortages, GTC has continued to consistently fulfill their customers' increased demands.

Sixty-thousand Amazon Sellers Exceeded $1M in Sales, Marketplace Pulse, February 2022

There are many vivid examples that demonstrate how GTC creates bespoke strategies for businesses and individuals, no matter where in the world their adventures lead them, some of which are detailed here.

Fully equipped with satellite communications gear provided by GTC, Preet Chandi ["Polar Preet"] made history earlier this year by becoming the world's first woman of color to complete a solo trek across Antarctica, a full five days ahead of schedule. Due to the off-grid nature of her trek across the barren, icy continent, it was crucial for Preet to keep contact with her family and friends every day, and of course, she wanted to post regular social media updates. GTC provided her with an Iridium Extreme 9575 satellite phone and an Iridium GO!, as well as two Garmin inReach GPS trackers, which gave her peace of mind, knowing that she had the ability to transmit her GPS coordinates if there had been an emergency, thereby delivering efficient satellite connectivity on which she knew she could depend.

As a means of safeguarding lone workers in remote areas, Scottish Water has procured 250+ Globalstar SPOT Gen3 satellite devices through GTC, in order to compensate for unreliable or non-existent mobile coverage. Often working solo, these employees manage assets including the reservoirs that supply water to over 2.54 million households and 152,000 businesses. Thanks to GTC, they now have a communications lifeline wherever they are, with small, robust SPOT Gen3 devices that communicate reliably over Globalstar's Low Earth Orbit [LEO] satellite network. Chosen for the accuracy of their GPS transmissions, these easy-to-use devices help connect employees whenever and wherever needed, no matter how remote, providing reassurance to families and colleagues. To highlight the popularity of SPOT products, GTC recently reported sales of 20,000+ SPOT devices.

With similar needs to Scottish Water, The Forestry Commission of England and Scotland have deployed SPOT Gen3 Satellite Messengers under a new contract with GTC and Globalstar, in order to bolster the safety of its staff when working in areas with unreliable mobile phone and radio communications. Lone workers who find themselves in precarious situations can press a single button to alert emergency services via the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Centre [IERCC]. The tracking feature of the SPOT Gen3 can help locate forestry staff, even if an incident occurs in which they are unable to press the emergency button. Provided the device is moving, it can be pre-configured to relay location data to a central coordinator in precise increments of 2.5, 5, 10, 30, or 60 minutes. Chosen because of its small size and ease-of-use, as well as its long battery life and affordability, more than 1,000 units have already been deployed nationwide by The Forestry Commission.

In 2020, GTC received an initial order for 600 Globalstar SmartOne C satellite asset trackers and associated messaging plans from GPSOne, a provider of satellite tracking services located in Kazakhstan. With their small size and long battery life, the SmartOne C trackers are a preferred solution for tracking herds of livestock and horses throughout remote parts of the world.

With one of the highest horse populations in the world, estimated at 1.7 million, monitoring their precise location in Kazakhstan can be a major challenge for owners; most of the semi-wild horses are on free pasturing within the enormous territory. In response to significant demand, GPSOne was established, providing a low cost, reliable solution for tracking the location of the animals, as they roam the desolate expanse of the country. As horses typically roam in herds, one tracker collar placed on the lead stallion can be used to monitor the location of up to 30 horses. Devices are configured to transmit one message every 4 hours, and they have an expected battery life of 6 months.

GTC helped provide the technology that made it possible for a group of modern- day explorers to retrace the steps of the 1930's explorer and adventurer Henry ‘Gino' Watkins. Led by Jeff Allen, the team needed a reliable communication method as they explored the Arctic and North Atlantic islands of Faroe, Iceland and the East coast of Greenland. Satellite data was required to download critical ice and weather information along the way. To meet the tracking requirements, GTC provided Jeff and his team with The Iridium Edge Solar: a compact satellite asset tracker powered purely by solar energy, perfect for tracking and monitoring valuable assets anywhere in the world. This device reports its positioning into GTCTrack, and records a GPS map of the journey, with live tracking available for followers of the vessel throughout its voyage.

As if all of this wasn't exciting enough, stay tuned for the upcoming launch of GTC's own satellite asset tracker, SolarTrack. With new e-commerce websites coming soon, GTC and OSAT are poised for even greater expansion as the company tracks their way throughout the U.S. and around the globe.

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