Expo Perú Brasil generates 19 million USD of business

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LIMA, Peru, March 27, 2023--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A total of 18.8 million USD of sales are expected as a result of the export and tourism business roundtable carried out as part of Expo Perú Brasil 2023, held in the city of Sao Paulo, according to the Peruvian Commission for Promotion of Exports and Tourism (PROMPERÚ).

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Of the total traded, 16.6 million USD correspond to exports and 2.2 million USD to tourism, which will be settled in the next twelve months. This is the result of 979 business meetings, in which 78 Peruvian and 205 Brazilian businesses participated.

Among the most sought-after export products were olives, quinoa, frozen squid, baby clothing, men’s clothing and items for the mining supplier sector related with risk of disasters.

In this way, the objective of contributing to strengthening business relationships between Peru and Brazil is achieved, driving the development of business between Peruvian export and tourism companies and Brazilian product and service import companies.

Expo Perú Brasil 2023 was held on the 21st and 22nd of March and also includes the business roundtable, forums for promoting tourism, trade and investments, business visits, superfood tastings, master classes in cooking, promotion of Pisco and a cultural exhibition.

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