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The eye-watering true cost of Manchester United's new kit

Hit where it hurts: United fans’ bank accounts could be stretched over the next few weeks

Manchester United have come under fire from their own fans after the total cost of the club’s new kit was revealed to be nearly £200.

United and manufacturers adidas stand accused of exploiting supporters after the launch on Tuesday, mainly thanks to their controversial ‘authentic’ offering.

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Twitter has been awash with outcry and calls for a boycott after supporters did their sums – and they found out the overall cost of being a superfan.

They must pay nearly £110 for the shirt with ‘climachill technology’ with the standard replica shirt £64.95.

What is more jaw-dropping is the cost of the authentic extras – as well as how much junior kits will set angry parents back.

Adult shorts will set fans back a staggering £42.95, with socks selling for an eye-watering £29.95.

Should the Old Trafford faithful want to also personalise their kit with their favourite players’ name and number, then going the whole hog with cost £193. Best get saving now.

United have been testing fans’ patience for some time, selling one of the most expensive kits anywhere in the world for the past two decades.

Many have vented their anger of twitter, accusing the Red Devils of being out of touch.

One fan told United to “hang their heads in shame” and fears if people buy at this price, then things will only get worse.

Another said he felt more removed than ever from the club he has always supported after discovering the cost.

If you have a fast-growing child who always wants the latest shirt then the news gets worse.

Anger is being felt by parents as well as adult fans, who face having to shell out to keep their children happy and up-to-date with what their heroes are wearing.

A full child’s kit will set you back well over £90 – with the junior shirt alone just shy of £50.

Justine Roberts, the founder and chief executive of parenting site mumsnet, says things need to change.

She said: “Every season football clubs seem to push the prices of junior kits upwards. Parents love seeing their kids enjoying football, but the price of their children’s fandom is too steep for many parents.”

United defended the pricing, saying it is set by retailers and are in line with kits from other top European clubs.