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Facebook's market value plunged by $148 billion after Zuckerberg and company warned of a growth slowdown (FB)

Troy Wolverton
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    Great news!
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    I have yet to capture what tangible service Facebook provides to the general public. It primarily seems to be a place where the insecure seek company
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    It is about time....
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    I'm surprised Facebook is still growing at all, rather than shrinking. It's not "cool" to young people, and I think about as much of my generation have joined as are going to.
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    I was always amazed how the founder of a social web site can be like the 5th richest person in the world..
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    What goes around, comes around FB and Zuckerberg....
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    That is what happens when you 'HAVE' to start looking at where your revenue comes from.. Right Mark?
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    How does this company have any value at all? I don't have it but I sure would not give my personal info to somebody so they can sell it.
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    I stopped using Facebook last year! I don't want to share my life with the rest of the world. I couldn't believe what some of my friends posted on FB.
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    Anybody remember Myspace?