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Facebook brings Spotify, Apple Music to its bot platform

Daniel Roberts
Senior Writer

Spotify and Apple Music, fierce competitors, are coming together: on Facebook Messenger.

At its annual F8 developer conference, Facebook launched Messenger Platform 2.0, the realm where developers can build bots to offer services to the 1.2 billion Facebook Messenger users.

One of the new features Messenger is getting: chat extensions, which will allow users to pull something from one chat and quickly insert it into another chat. As his prime example of the feature, Facebook SVP of messaging products David Marcus cited Spotify.

A user inside Messenger will now be able to open up the “drawer” of different bots, tap on Spotify’s bot, search for an artist, and tap to share a song inside an existing chat, all without leaving that chat. No app-switching required, and the music plays live in the chat.

It sounds a lot like the popular communications app Slack, where users can do the same: seamlessly drop the link for a Spotify track and listen to the track.

Facebook Messenger chief David Marcus announces Apple Music is coming to Facebook Messenger

“I’m really pumped to welcome Spotify on the platform,” Marcus said. “Music on Messenger is going to be a big thing this year.” Spotify integration with Messenger will launch this week.

And then Marcus dropped a bigger bomb for Apple nerds: “I’m very excited to share with you that Apple Music will be on the platform very soon as well.”

Daniel Roberts is a writer at Yahoo Finance, covering sports and tech. Follow him on Twitter at @readDanwrite.

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