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Facebook’s Latest User Enhancement Is Annoying Video Advertisements

Jordan Valinsky
Looks great. (Photo: Facebook)

Looks great. (Photo: Facebook)

Since Facebook is constantly figuring out ways to aggravate you, it shouldn't be a surprise that its newest innovation comes in the form of video advertisements that play automatically. The social network is expected to roll out the noisy adverts Thursday to promote some dumb movie called Divergent, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Even though the ads are being described as a "test," it already seems annoying. The ads will automatically play--without sound--on people's News Feeds (mobile and Web). Clicking on the ads will make them speak to you and it's unclear how long they will last. The WSJ notes that mobile users can’t escape them because they will be downloaded when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. At least they won't suck up your data plan?

The implantation of video ads was expected to begin in August, but the deployment was pushed back because Facebook was concerned it would annoy or alienate users. Apparently they hope the holiday spirit distracts everyone from acting like grinches.

With this ambitious foray, Mark Zuckerberg is hoping to tap into the $66 billion TV advertising market and convince companies to redistribute their spending habits. Pricing hasn't been disclosed, however it's predicted to be "expensive."

Remember, the *new* Myspace is waiting with open arms to welcome you into its lovingly, advertiser-less embrace if you need a backup.