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Facebook launches new meme-generating app in Canada

Facebook has launched, Whale, a new app to create memes in Canada.

Facebook quietly released a meme-making application last week designed to work with the company's other platforms, a release that largely went under the radar until it was spotted by media site The Information.

Last week, an experimental, Facebook-created meme-making app was launched relatively undetected until The Information reported it on Monday.

Based on the description published on Apple's App Store, this app allows users to use images (your own or those from their library of stock images), text, emojis, filters, and effects to create memes which can then be shared easily to Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and various other social media platforms.

Facebook's NPE (New Product Experimentation) Team -- a group first announced in July -- is behind this application. According to the company, these developers create apps that change very quickly and will be shut down if determined to be "not useful to people." Right now, only three apps made by the NPE Team are available for download: Whale, Aux, and Bump; all target school-aged users.

Thus far, Whale is only available on the Canadian App Store. Whether the app will launch in other markets has not yet been disclosed. Given the nature of NPE creations, it likely will not expand beyond Canada.