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Facebook reportedly puts foot down, Twilio goes shopping, Twitter CEO wants to end ‘filter bubbles’

Here’s a look at some of the companies the Yahoo Finance team will be watching for you today.

Facebook wants to stop the spread of misinformation. Reuters says the social network will ban false information about voting, and fake reports of issues at polling places during the midterms. It will require fact-checking by humans, and likely won’t stop the majority of fake posts.

A big deal in the tech world. Twilio is buying SendGrid for roughly $2B. The all-stock deal will integrate SendGrid’s email technology into Twilio’s platform which combines voice, video and chat. Twilio’s CEO called the deal a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”

Twitter’s founder wants to push its users out of their bubbles. Jack Dorsey told the Wired 25 conference in San Francisco that Twitter does contribute to so called ‘filter bubbles’ where people see their views echoed and amplified by those they follow. He says he wants to fix that. It’s not clear just what Twitter has in the works to address the issue.

Ford is driving ahead with its plan to boost sales in China. It just unveiled a new Territory SUV, aimed at educated buyers in smaller cities with growing families. Ford calls it the fastest growing automotive segment in the country. Ford has been facing a serious sales slump in China and plans to introduce dozens of new vehicles there in the coming years.

Lyft is making it a little cheaper to take a ride. Starting today, you can sign up for a monthly subscription plan. For $299 you get up to 30 rides a month. However, that’s only if the rides cost less than $15. If the cost is higher than that, you’d pay the difference. Lyft says the program is designed for those who frequently use the service for short trips.