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Facebook's future, McDonald's 'big' bet and Disney ready to report

U.S. stocks are flat through the first half of the trading day as investors await the day's big earnings report: Facebook (FB). Still on deck are Disney (DIS) earnings tomorrow and the big jobs report on Friday.

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While we wait, here are some of the other stories Yahoo Finances is watching today:

Facebook's Future
Facebook's stock recently eclipsed the $100 mark, Instagram is firing on all cylinders and ramping up advertising, and then there are things like the Oculus virtual-reality project and reports that Zuckerberg would like to leverage artificial intelligence to create a Siri-like personal assistant.

Big win for Airbnb
Start-up unicorn Airbnb is celebrating a major victory in its hometown of San Francisco today. The travel industry disruptor spent $8 million on a campaign to defeat a proposition that would restrict its operations in the "City by the Bay."

Can anything slow down Disney?
Multinational giant Disney is set to report Q3 earnings tomorrow afternoon, and it seems nothing can knock it off its pedestal. The stock is up more than 20% this year, even after getting knocked around in the August volatility, and their fourth quarter promises to be strong if for no other reason than the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Can anything slow down the Mouse House?

McDonald's eyeing upscale consumers
McDonald's (MCD) is hoping to class up the joint with a larger hamburger. The Golden Arches is said to be experimenting with a bigger Big Mac in London starting today. The beefier patty will take a little longer to make and is priced at the equivalent of about $7.00 (U.S.).