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Factbox: Bernard Looney, BP's next CEO

By Ron Bousso
File photo of a BP logo at a petrol station in London

By Ron Bousso

LONDON (Reuters) - Bernard Looney, boss of oil and gas production at BP, will take over from Bob Dudley as chief executive next year.

Here are some facts about the 16th CEO in BP's 110-year history:

* Looney, 49, grew up in County Kerry, Ireland, and in 1991gained a degree in Electrical Engineering from UniversityCollege Dublin * He joined BP that year as a drilling engineer and workedin operational roles in the North Sea, Vietnam and the Gulf ofMexico, including as drilling engineer on the discovery of thegiant Thunder Horse field * After a stint with BP Alaska, he became head of the groupchief executive's office, working for BP chief executives JohnBrowne and then Tony Hayward * Looney became head of BP's upstream (oil and gasproduction) operations in February 2016, succeeding Lamar McKay * He has led BP through one of its periods of fastest growthof oil and gas production, which is up by around 20% since 2016 * Looney will succeed Dudley next February

(Reporting by Ron Bousso; editing by Jason Neely)