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All Facts, No Bull: Leading E-Cig Site Releases Vital New Bull Smoke Review

TUSTIN, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 2, 2013) - EcigaretteReviewed has announced a new Bull Smoke review, offering smokers and would-be smokers all facts, and no "bull" on the brand's quality and worth.

Most e-cigarettes are unisex devices designed for both men and women seeking a way to kick the traditional smoking habit. However, just as female smokers have gender-specific options like Vapor Couture e-cigarette, the alpha male wearing his Y-chromosome on his sleeve has Bull Smoke. Marked by bold graphics and an uncompromising machismo, this is the e-cig John Wayne would have chosen. However, is it really the right option for the manliest men out there hoping to quit traditional tobacco? EcigaretteReviewed's new review lays it all on the line.

Like all of the company's ecigarette reviews, the new review on Bull Smoke is based on extensive, firsthand testing. EcigaretteReviewed's editors dug into Bull Smoke's City Slicker Kit. The kit includes a "Stubby" manual battery, a long "Kentucky" automatic battery, ten cartridges, wall adapter and a USB charger, giving smokers all the equipment needed to get started.

After some tongue-in-cheek mockery of the overly masculine imagery used, reviewers were pleasantly surprised. The review reveals the brand is both dependable and of high quality. The e-cigarette's vapor production received high praise, as did the nicotine levels, quality of manufacturing and the extremely affordable price.

However, the review was not 100% positive -- reviewers did point out a few key issues. First, while most of the flavor cartridges were praised, some lacked flavor strength (menthol, most notably). The batteries included also garnered a few minor complaints, but the rest of the review's complaints were directed at the questionable claims made in Bull Smoke's marketing material.

While there were a handful of issues, the majority of the review was positive. Most importantly, it is an unbiased, objective review that the vaping community and interested smokers can rely on. The Bull Smoke review pulls no punches, so smokers can make an informed decision. For more information, read the full review: http://ecigarettereviewed.com/bull-smoke-e-cigarette-review.

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