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Faivish Pewzner Donates $360,000 to the Women’s Mikvah Mei Chaya Mushka in Crown Heights, New York

The Health Care Executive Made the Generous Donation in Memory of His Late Father

Brooklyn, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 31, 2014 / Faivish Pewzner, a health care executive, recently made a very generous donation to the new women's Mikvah Mei Chaya Mushka in Crown Heights, New York. Pewzner, who pledged the money along with his wife, was inspired to do so in memory of his father, R' Hillel Pewzner obm, whose first yahrzeit is on the 14th of Tammuz.

As an article on COLlive.com notes, the recent groundbreaking ceremony for the new Mikvah was a dream come true for many in the crowd. Around 250 men, women and children stood by on a sunny Sunday and listened as key members of the Jewish community spoke about the significance of the new Mikvah.

The groundbreaking ceremony opened with Rabbi Bogomilsky reading a letter from the Rebbe where he explained that Mikvah was the only topic the Chabad Rebbes would rule themselves Halacha L'maase.

Referencing the effort to build Mikvahs in Communist Russia, Rabbi Bogomilsky said that “even if one couple will increase in observance of family purity because of this new Mikvah, which promises to be stunning, it is well worth it.”

Dudi Farkash, the Gabbai of Congregation Bais Shmuel Chabad, also spoke to the crowd during the event. Members who were in attendance looked visibly relieved as Farkash assured everyone that the dream of the new Mikvah was going to be a reality.

“Many people in our community sit around tables and sigh about all of the problems we have, the shul's Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Jacobson said in his remarks.

“Kudos to a group of courageous souls who decided to act instead of philosophize. This is the time to strengthen family purity, holiness and love in our community.”

Another memorable part of the groundbreaking ceremony took place when key supporters sprinkled some Smirnoff vodka for a L'Chaim over the gravel; they, along with some of the children in the crowd were then invited to use shovels to shift the earth over the cornerstone.

“We'll see you at the opening very soon,” the emcee called out as the crowd chatted with each other and headed to the refreshments tables.

About Faivish Pewzner:

Faivish Pewzner is a health care executive who, along with his wife, recently pledged $360,000 to the new women's Mikvah Mei Chaya Mushka in Crown Heights. Pewzner made the generous contribution in memory of his late father. For more information, please visit http://www.collive.com/show_news.rtx?id=9476


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