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The Falcon Project Offered The Most Interesting Airdrop In The Crypto Space

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KIEV, UKRAINE / ACCESSWIRE / February 25, 2021 / The Falcon project has seen explosive growth since its launch in Feb of 2020 and is continuing to disrupt DeFi with its ERC-20 token-based payment system and hybrid blockchain.

The project's two interchangeable chains create a robust network where users can choose the best model regarding convenience, speed, anonymity, and privacy.

By integrating FNT (ERC-20) and FNC (own privacy blockchain) tokens into everyday life, the project has implemented many solutions. Work on the Falcon hybrid chain was completed in Q4 of 2020, enabling users to finally behold the FNC privacy coin in their wallets.

Falconers have so far enjoyed profitable NFT vouchers and an anonymous coin tokenization model. Moreover, the project handed out the most generous airdrop in crypto history.

The Falcon FNT Token Airdrop Was a Success!

Falcon completed the most unique and generous airdrop of FNT tokens to holders of the ERC-1155 STAGE cards.

Falconers who owned at least one of Stage I, Stage II, and Stage III card collections received a distribution in the form of FNT tokens directly to their wallets. These ERC-1155 cards are located on the Ethereum network and were first issued free of charge to community members to reward their contribution to the project.

Users who currently wish to purchase these cards can get them from community members who may want to sell on the Enjin marketplace. It is crucial not to source Falcon stage cards from any other platform, as there have been forgeries of cards, vouchers, and tokens by scammers.

The airdrop took place on May 22, 2020, at 17:00 UTC, with 7,563,750,000 FNT tokens distributed. It is worth noting that 7,436,250,000 FNT tokens were left in the airdrop wallet; these funds will be used for future contests and giveaways throughout the life of the project. The team is also looking into burning extra tokens from this fund.

During the airdrop, there were no emergency situations other than congestion of the Ethereum network, but that didn't disrupt the token distribution. More importantly, no tokens were lost or sent to unknown addresses.

During the historic airdrop, Stage I cardholders received FNT 500,000 worth $3,000 today, and Stage II holders received FNT 10,000,000, currently valued at $60,000.

Take Care of Your STAGE Cards!

Falcon tried its best to deliver the most decentralized, engaging, and effective airdrop in crypto history. Holders of the STAGE collection are advised to hold their cards close to their chest, as they will come in handy more than once in the future.

All Stage cards are destined to be Willy Wonka's golden ticket, but the Falcon team is keeping full details on that functionality a secret for now.

Not all Stage cards were dealt out before the airdrop, with the Falcon team opting to hold them in the original address.

These cards will not receive an airdrop, but the unclaimed amount will be used for other contests and activization of the Falcon community throughout the project's life.

Profit Vouchers from the Falcon Project

The end of the airdrop was just the beginning of a glorious journey for STAGE collection cardholders and all FNT holders as well.

Anyone with possession of FNT can now profit from their holdings by swapping them for yield vouchers. Falcon Project yield vouchers are erc-1155 assets that confirm the ownership of the equivalent amount of FNT tokens. They are implemented using Enjin technology.

Vouchers initially came in denominations of 1, 5, 10 or 50 million FNT. However, as FNT continued to post explosive growth, the Falcon team decided to introduce 500,000 FNT vouchers to make rewards more affordable to users. On Sep 8, 2020, the project set a sales record on the Enjin market by selling a 50M FNT voucher for $10K.
At the time of writing, the price of a 50M FNT voucher is already more than $190K.

Falconers wishing to obtain one of these blockchain cards with a beautiful picture must first deposit ERC-20 FNT tokens. It doesn't matter whether they got the tokens from the airdrop or procured them from any other source.

Users must then fill a quick application via the official swap form to receive a voucher. They can also swap tokens for vouchers and start the "hold" counter using the Falcon telegram bot.

The reward system utilizes the Proof of Hold (POH) mechanism, which means that you must not move the voucher for a while to earn passive income. The POH smart contract counts the storage of vouchers and distributes quarterly dividends in FNT tokens totaling 10% (40% per year) of the voucher amount.

Falcon vouchers are essentially an analog of a holder's ERC-20 FNT tokens but are located on the side chain of ERC-1155. As per the latest data from Etherscan, a total of 4,600,525,957.729542 FNT are currently blocked in high yield vouchers.

To boost users' convenience, the Falcon team recently linked the ENS domain falcon.eth to the voucher wallet. This development will ensure that Falconers aren't confused with which address to make an FNT deposit to get an NFT voucher.

Falcon Introduces NFT Certificates

The latest proposal from the Falcon Project is the use of NFT certificates to provide documentary evidence for ownership.

Dubbed "Proof of Ownership", this new functionality will help eliminate the need for stacks of paper certificates or bulky phone applications that prove ownership.

Users will get an NFT certificate that is a unique digital tokenized copy of any collectables in their possession. Owners of anything from rare action figures, clothing items, jewelry, comics and more can hold and produce their NFT certificates as immutable proof of ownership.

Holders of these unique digital collectibles can easily prove ownership by making a signature transaction on the Ethereum network. Each NFT certificate is a unique digital copy of the collectible in question; It holds unique metadata that corresponds to the original and carries all full specifications.

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