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Family Awarded 1.6 Million Dollars for Bedbugs in California, MYBEDBUGLAWYER

ENCINO, Calif., April 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Brian Virag, attorney from the law firm of MYBEDBUGLAWYER www.mybedbuglawyer.com in Encino, CA, obtained a 1.6-million-dollar verdict for a family exposed to bedbugs.  This was the largest verdict for a single family for bedbugs ever recorded in history.  Mr. Virag represented a family of four including a 3-year old boy and a 3-month old baby girl who were all bitten by bedbugs.  His clients were all exposed to bedbugs between July and October of 2012.  The case was Liliana Martinez Et. Al. v. Amusement Six Apartments LLC.

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The young boy, Jorge Maravilla Jr., who was 3 years old at the time of the bedbug exposure was literally "covered" in bedbug bites.  He has significant residual scarring to the day.  The jury awarded Jorge Jr. $880,000.

The defendant in this case, Amusement Six Apartments LLC owns an apartment complex in Inglewood, CA and simply didn't respond appropriately to the Plaintiffs complaints about bedbugs.  According to the suit, it took management 9 days to initially schedule bedbug treatment, and when they did, the Pest Control Operator left handfuls of chemical all over their belongings and carpet.  When the Plaintiffs complained about the chemical, the management told them there was nothing they could do, and they should vacuum a square area in their living room to sleep on with their 2 young children.  Although they then agreed to change the carpet, it took them 3 months to do so, and all the while, the bedbugs were feeding and breeding in the carpet until it was changed.  The family continued to receive bedbug bites the entire time.

This is the fifth landmark verdict obtained by Virag in the last 12 months that included a 3.5-million-dollar verdict against PLB Management, and a $546,000 verdict in October against the Hilton Garden Inn in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, whose clients were exposed to bedbugs for a one-night hotel stay.  Hopefully, these verdicts will help Landlords and Hotels "do the right thing" when people complain about being bitten by bedbugs and take proactive steps to protects their guests and tenants.

MYBEDBUGLAWYER specializes exclusively in bedbug litigation and is the foremost authority in bedbug lawsuits in the country. 

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