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'Family Feud' contestant doesn't know how to kiss, on 'This Week in Game Shows'

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

On this week’s Family Feud, Steve Harvey had to flat-out tell a contestant, “That’s not a good answer.” A female contestant’s answer to “Name something you should never do when you’re kissing someone” was “Stick your tongue in my mouth.” After some congratulations by her teammates, Harvey interrupted by saying, “It’s the reason I drove over to your house, so I could put my tongue in your mouth.”

In The Price Is Right news, Drew Carey will celebrate his 10th anniversary on the show. In a sneak peek, the audience was so happy about the anniversary that he had to ask them to stop applauding him.

And finally, on Jeopardy!, a watch alarm was accidentally recorded while a contestant was describing her blog. Watching it made it seem she was under pressure to finish her description, or else…

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