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‘Family Feud’ Contestant Way Too Excited to Meet Steve Harvey

On Family Feud, contestant Susan was really excited to meet Steve Harvey. In fact, it may be more appropriate to say she was really, really, really excited to meet Harvey. More specifically, she was really, really excited to say Steve Harvey’s name to Steve Harvey.

Photo: Family Feud

When Harvey asked Susan how she’s doing, she replied, “I’m doing awesome, Steve. I’ve wanted to say your name for two months. To you. Every time we practiced, I would say, ‘Awesome, Steve. Nice to meet you, Steve.’ It’s true. I get to say it now. I’m so excited!”

On Jeopardy!, Alex Trebek made it sound like the German language isn’t elegant. Trebek originally pronounced a contestant’s name incorrectly by making it sound French. Trebek even said it was a French name. The contestant corrected him and told him the name is actually German, not French.

When Trebek was corrected, he replied that French “makes it sound more elegant.”

And on The Price Is Right, a contestant had the crowd in the palm of his hand as he invented a new way to spin the wheel.

Watch the most excited The Price Is Right contestant ever set a Plinko record:

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