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Fan captures 'Deadpool 2' scene on social media, including giant panda

Ethan Alter
Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment
Fan-captured video shows a drone toppling a ginormous inflatable panda during Deadpool 2 filming in Vancouver. (Photo: RyanR/Twitter)

Drones, helicopters, and giant pandas… oh my! One lucky Vancouver resident recently enjoyed an up close and personal view of the Deadpool 2 set from his condo windows, and posted a video of all the activity to YouTube. The two-minute clip, which you can watch below, features great behind-the-scenes footage of a camera-equipped drone circling the set filming the action, and a helicopter surveying the scene as well. The amateur cameraman also captured footage of Ryan Reynolds in full Deadpool garb catching a breather on top of an overturned truck that’s adjacent to the aforementioned oversized black-and-white member of the Ursidae family.

Sorry to burst your bubble — or in this case, inflatable balloon — but Reynolds’s Merc With a Mouth won’t be fighting a plus-sized panda in the highly anticipated, David Leitch-directed sequel; the bear is just an eye-catching mascot on what appears to be a used-car lot. (The sign reads, “Ethan’s Used Cars: Buy Sell Trade.”) Still, it does look like this poor panda balloon is in for a few bumps and bruises. A Twitter user posted video from an alternate angle of Ethan’s Used Cars that features a stuntman swinging from the Granville Street Bridge above and landing directly in the panda’s face, knocking it over. (Both of these videos appear to have been filmed before the tragic death of stuntwoman Joi “S.J.” Harris brought a halt to the film’s production.)

In this case, the bigger they are, the easier they fall.

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