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Fan rips off TCU sweatshirt to take a selfie with Stanford's Bryce Love at the Alamo Bowl

A fan known as @ColemanLeonard3 on Twitter ran onto the field, ripped off his TCU shirt to reveal a Stanford shirt underneath, and then took a selfie with Bryce Love. (Twitter/@NOTSCTop10PIays)

On Thursday night, Texas Christian University beat Stanford in the Alamo Bowl. And even though it was a great game with a thrilling comeback, one of the best moments happened after the game.

A fan wearing a TCU sweatshirt ran onto the field once the game was over. But he didn’t keep that TCU sweatshirt on for very long.

The guy ran onto the field and ripped off his sweatshirt. No, he wasn’t streaking. Underneath his TCU shirt was a Stanford shirt! And the dude made a beeline for Stanford’s Bryce Love and actually managed to get a selfie with him!

The guy goes by @ColemanLeonard3 on Twitter, and his bio says he’s from Rockwall, Texas. Our friend Coleman looked like he had a lot of fun on the field, but he might have had even more fun talking about his crazy adventure on Twitter. He answered some very pressing questions, like why did he decide to pull that crazy switcheroo?

I mean, there are worse reasons to wear the opposing team’s shirt. Love is the Heisman runner-up, after all, and he’d probably be more willing to take a selfie with a random fan who just appeared on the field if that fan was wearing a Stanford shirt. Though it should be said: in the video, Love looked really, really confused when Coleman showed up and started stripping right in front of him. Who wouldn’t be?

Here’s the most important question: how did Coleman even manage to get down onto the field to pull of his college shirt strip routine?

No insane acrobatics or CIA subterfuge, he just saw an opening and ran like crazy. Not a bad plan!

Of course, some people took his t-shirt/loyalty change as blasphemy.

But Coleman had a really, really good time with it.

Stanford, regardless of whether or not applicants can include selfies on their application, this kid just might be worth your time.

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