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Nassau, Bahamas, Aug. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Rapidly expanding video game developer Fancy Studios is on a quest to revolutionize the industry, developing its own suite of hyper-casual mobile games and partnering with key companies to launch “web3” titles that give players more involvement and ownership.

“Building fun blockchain games” is the company’s motto, and it’s already off to a fast-paced start, having already raised $12.5m with a team of over 50. They have already produced a full-fledged title with four other games in development. Its founders aim to position Fancy Studios as one of the premier and most innovative gaming studios for web3, a next-generation decentralized internet that aims to give people more control over their data and true ownership of their assets.

“We make fun, community-focused, and player-centric games,” says Fancy Studios’ Chief Strategy Officer Paul Taylor. “We wanted to flip the traditional gaming model on its head by using blockchain technology. Instead of the ‘you own nothing’ model which is when you make a purchase of an in-game item or spend numerous hours leveling up your character but actually own anything – we want our games to be ‘you own everything.’”

In traditional gaming, players often spend many hours grinding to increase their character levels, obtain items (that can also cost real money), and develop their own identity by progressing through the game. Players do this all while having a lot of fun. That all sounds great, right? Well, after a player leaves the game – they lose all of that – countless hours and money – gone instantly. This is the “you own nothing” format that gamers are used to today.

With crypto gaming, players actually own their characters and game assets. They can buy, sell, and trade everything they spend their time and money on with other players. Fancy Studios believes that this will allow their users to develop a deeper connection with their games and also allow them to recoup (and in some cases, even profit from) their time and money spent. Taylor, having spent thousands of hours playing games growing up, such as RuneScape, League of Legends, and Guild Wars, believes this will resonate with gamers, both casual and competitive types.

The company was founded less than a year ago, but its first title “Fancy Birds” – based on the viral game Flappy Birds but with unique twists including tournaments and breeding – proved a quick success, with its dedicated gaming community jumping from under 1,000 members last October to more than 100,000 players in June.

“We are one of the earliest crypto gaming companies that already can boast a full release game. Most crypto gaming studios are still in early development or have only released trailers so far. We told our community from day 1 that we would produce a high-quality game quickly and we have delivered on that promise. Fancy Birds was our first full proof of concept and now we are really ramping up with several more planned for release this year,” says Taylor.

Fancy Studios plans on making a diverse portfolio of games available on all mobile devices, including Android and iPhone, with the ability to play on desktops and tablets as well. These games will cover all types of popular genres and are designed to be simple and fun.

One leading reason for Fancy Studios’ swift growth is the importance that it places on engaging with its community, via the company’s regularly updated blog, Twitter, Discord, and hosting regular live AMA (ask me anything) discussions. Its players regularly chat about ways to improve the game experience and often get sneak peeks of future game developments and features.

Additionally, Fancy Birds is a “play-and-earn” game, which means its players can earn cryptocurrency tokens by completing quests in-game. The cryptocurrency can be exchanged for real-life money as well. “We’re really proud of a lot of the success stories that we’ve been able to create by letting our players make money just by playing Fancy Birds. In particular, we have a very large presence in the Philippines where the minimum wage there is incredibly low. We’ve witnessed many people from developing countries actually earn significantly more by playing our game for an hour a day vs working a full-time job back home. For some, it has been life-changing income, and it’s been really fulfilling for us to see that.”

Web3 allows Fancy Studios to give players the chance to use valuable non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as their characters and in-game items that they truly own. “Community ownership is one of the many unique aspects that set us apart as leaders in revolutionizing games. Players have a stake in the game and really do own a piece of the project,” Taylor says. “We also allow our token holders to vote on key decisions to make sure their voice is heard in a fair and transparent manner. Actually quite recently, the community picked the title for our 2nd game.”

That forward-looking approach to gaming has helped Fancy Studios secure strategic investments and partnerships with a wide range of notable industry leaders, including Framework Ventures, Illuvium, Polygon Studios, Merit Circle, Yield Guild Games, Polemos, BreedFi, PathDAO, YGG SEA, Loot Squad, The Juice Team, IndiGG, SNACKCLUB, GameFi Squad, AMG DAO, BAYZ, and others. They have also been in dialogues with several leading traditional gaming studios about incorporating web3 elements into their existing and future games.

“Fancy Studios fully intends to become the premier web3 gaming studio that develops innovative games designed for maximum fun and community participation,” Taylor says.

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