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Fashion Blogger Leah Selakovic Attends the London Design Festival 2014


SINGAPORE--(Marketwired - Nov 21, 2014) - The internationally acclaimed London Design Festival, one of the premiere world events in the areas of design, celebrated its 12th anniversary this September. Established in 2003, this year's program included 395 events staged by 270 organizations. More than 350,000 visitors from over 75 countries travelled to England to attend the exciting events that took place both indoors and outdoors covering a wide variety of design topics and aspects, from new lighting concepts to open-source architecture. Renowned art and fashion expert Leah Selakovic used her blog as a platform to chronicle the most remarkable finds she came across at the London Design Festival.

The fashion expert, Leah Selakovic was especially impressed with the works of Madeleine Boulesteix, whose gorgeously intricate upcycled chandeliers are constructed of teacups, chafing dishes, and kitchen implements like cake pans and metal spatulas. Madeleine Boulesteix has elaborated on her work: "I've never used a pastry cutter for pastry or a toast rack for toast but they seem nice jaunty objects with more potential, so I liberate them from their domestic duties by incorporating them in my chandeliers." Fascinated by Ms. Boulesteix' unusual designs, Leah features them on her blog to promote the innovative chandeliers beyond the city of London.

Another event at the Festival Leah addresses on her blog was a remarkable large-scale group collaboration entitled "God is in the Details" presented by the Victoria & Albert Museum, in which selected designers chose items from the museum's vast collection. They then set focal points, highlighted by Swarovski magnifying glasses, to reveal hidden detail or a surprising, unseen assemblage to viewers. Participating designers included Faye Toogood, Stephen Webster, Tom Dixon, and Osman Yousefzad.

An especially fascinating large-scale meta-work was the presentation by Amanda Levete Architects of their new Soho pop-up restaurant called "Tincan" -- a pean to the humble tinned fish, in all its glory. "The menu is made with all manner of preserved seafood like tinned mussels and oysters to sardines, prawns and cod liver," explains Selakovic. "The walls celebrate the varied art of Seafood tins, across the century and globe, hundreds of them layering the walls like vibrant barnacles!" In the most perfectly layers-of-reality approach, the "artwork" is in fact a functional restaurant, which will operate at least through 2015, paying attention to tastes and customer responses and continually evolving its menu.

Leah Selakovic is herself an interesting blend of varied arts and education assemblage. Her formal honors include a master's degree in Art and Classical History, but she has broken the limiting constraints of those labels with her work in information technology, literature, and alternative medicine, attaining the title of Reiki Master. She explores her interests in Singapore, where she lives with her husband David Selakovic and their children. Leah maintains an active philanthropic spirit, supporting charitable organizations operating both locally in Singapore and internationally. She blogs prolifically with a focus on the worlds of fashion, art, and women's empowerment.

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