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Fast Assay for Salivary Cortisol Developed by Seattle Sensor Systems

SEATTLE, WA --(Marketwired - April 02, 2013) - Seattle Sensors, maker of portable scientific instruments based on surface plasmon resonance (SPR), has introduced a revolutionary test kit that can provide critical indication of stress levels in farm animals, without delays normally associated with laboratory analysis. The tool kit can accurately measure cortisol levels in saliva of sheep and pigs within minutes of sample collection. Since cortisol levels in saliva are recognized indication of stress levels in animals, welfare and nutrition experts can now quickly and accurately assess short term stress levels in domestic farm animals at point of sample, enabling rapid development of feed and management policies.

Using a straightforward protocol, results are available faster than ever before with this novel approach. Samples are easily collected using oral swabs, and following simple sample preparation are injected into the Spirit™ instrument from Seattle Sensors. Now, cortisol concentration levels and changes can be monitored in near real time at levels down to as little as 0.5ng/ml (0.5 PPB), from saliva samples.

The assay dramatically reduces the time to result for these measurements by eliminating freezing and shipping of samples previously required prior to laboratory salivary assay methods such as ELISA. The overall cost per test and accuracy for these SPR measurements are comparable to these other methods, with the added advantage of much faster turnaround and full portability.

Using the portable SPIRIT instrument, it is now possible for a technician to make these critical measurements on the farm. Faster results in non-laboratory environments open many opportunities for animal welfare researchers, feed developers and those concerned with finished meat quality.

About Seattle Sensors

Seattle Sensor Systems provides instruments, training and supplies for portable analysis and detection of a range of different pathogens, viruses, toxins and other molecular targets. Using Seattle Sensors proprietary portable SPR technology, customers are able to perform fast, accurate assessment and detection in a range of non-laboratory environments. Applications include food safety, monitoring environmental contaminants or threats, and measuring biomarkers for diagnosis and support of therapy.

The company is privately held and operates under license from the University of Washington. The technology was pioneered under research grants from NIH and DoD. The company is based in Seattle Washington.