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This could be the fastest fail in 'American Ninja Warrior' history

The beginning of stage one of the American Ninja Warrior Las Vegas Finals began Monday with a delightful mix of impressive saves and epic fails.

One of those fails, by Ninja Warrior veteran Brian Wilczewski, happened so fast that if you blinked, you might have missed it. Wilczewski immediately slipped and hit the water after bypassing the first step pad and trying to jump directly to the second.

Perhaps the mechanical engineer — and brother of another top ninja, Chris Wilczewski — was doomed from the start. His parents were in the audience wearing bright green T-shirts, referencing the finals in 2013 — when Brian fell on the first obstacle. The embarrassing moment has apparently become an inside joke for the Wilczewski family.

The bright green shirts read, “No One Falls on Grip or Timbers,” in blue letters. This refers to the Timbers, the 2013 opening obstacle, which Wilczewski slipped on just six steps into his run. And whether it was his parents’ eye-catching shirts or his bold first step that did him in, he’ll be watching from the sidelines as this year’s finals move on.

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