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In the news release, Fathom.fm launches the revolution for podcast discovery, issued 10-Jun-2022 by Fathom.fm over PR Newswire, we are advised by the company that the subheadline contained an unwanted email link in it. It has now been removed.

Fathom.fm launches the revolution for podcast discovery

Raises undisclosed seed round from Jason's Calacanis' LAUNCH, The Syndicate, Seraph Group, Textline CEO Alan Braverman, and others

SACRAMENTO, Calif., June 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Paul Bloch and Ken Miller, co-founders of Fathom.fm, are announcing the closing of their Seed round of financing and the launch of the Fathom podcast player on the Apple App Store.

Fathom is a first-of-its-kind podcast streaming platform that uses AI to comprehend entire podcasts. This means that users can ask natural language questions (via search) and get actual answers in the form of 30-second podcast highlights, as if podcasters and their guests were answering them. Jason Calacanis called Fathom "the future of podcast search."

Fathom also utilizes the latest advancements in AI algorithms to provide remarkable, nuanced podcast episode recommendations. Since Fathom actually understands the concepts that are being discussed within a podcast, it's able to recommend podcasts that are uniquely and deeply relevant to the listener.

"Now that we've secured this round of financing we're ready to continue the next phase of our development and create some great products. We have a lot of amazing AI-first features on the way that will transform the way people engage with podcasts," Paul Bloch, co-founder and Chief Design Officer says. "Fathom started as an AI-powered search engine for podcasts and we're really thrilled to see it evolve into a complete podcast listening experience that will surpass anything available today. We're excited about the support and enthusiasm we've seen from users and investors, and are ready for the future."

With Fathom, you can:

  • Search "within" podcasts by asking natural questions - get podcast highlights that actually answer your questions.

  • Discover new podcasts based on the actual ideas discussed inside the podcasts you already love.

  • Listen to podcast highlights showcasing what's most interesting in an episode, based on your interests.

  • …and of course, follow and save episodes like you would any other major podcast player.

Fathom is now available for the iPhone and on the web. Experience a new way to search and listen to podcasts by downloading the app from the Apple App Store, or visit https://fathom.fm and sign up to use Fathom right in your browser.

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