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FDA Bans Fruit, Mint-Flavored Vaping Products That Appeal to Minors, A Case for Women Reports

Mission-Driven Organization Working to Educate, Empower Families in Lawsuits Regarding Heart Attack, Stroke, Seizures, Other Serious Health Problems After Using JUUL E-Cigarettes

A Case for Women (ACFW) is reporting that the FDA is banning the sale of certain flavored vaping products, such as fruit and mint, that appeal to minors. Menthol and tobacco-flavored products will continue to be sold and the ban will only apply to pre-filled vaping cartridges, which are common in JUUL devices. Under the new rule, companies that do not stop the distribution of fruit and mint flavors within 30 days are at risk of regulatory action by the FDA. JUUL previously pulled all of its flavored products from shelves, aside from menthol and tobacco.

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A JUUL device and menthol flavor. (Photo: Business Wire)

"We are so glad to see positive movement in the fight to curb the vaping epidemic among teens," said Susan Knape, Founder and President of A Case for Women. "We hope this leads to stronger accountability by JUUL Labs and other vaping manufacturers for the numerous teens and young adults who now face a lifetime of addiction and serious health problems as a result of being intentionally misled by JUUL."

A Case for Women is stepping up to help take on JUUL and others manufactures of e-cigarettes after growing news reports of serious health problems such as seizures, heart attacks, strokes, lung problems and even deaths have been linked to JUUL’s popular e-cigarette devices. ACFW is now offering completely free and confidential consultations for young adults harmed by JUUL and moms whose teens have suffered serious health problems after using the popular e-cigarettes. The goal is to educate and empower people to take potential legal action against JUUL for targeting teens and young adults in an aggressive advertising campaign that caused a national epidemic.

On October 15, 2019, the first wrongful death lawsuit was filed against JUUL, claiming the company deceptively advertised its products as safe. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a teen who passed away suddenly from breathing complications. He was hooked on vaping and exclusively vaped JUUL products beginning at the age of 15.

Retailers are pulling e-cigarettes from shelves. In fact, Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, Kroger and Walgreens have all announced they would stop selling e-cigarettes in response to growing concerns about health problems.

If you or your child suffered a serious health problem, such as a heart attack, stroke, seizure, lung/respiratory problem or other health problems so severe it required hospitalization after using JUUL e-cigarettes, you may be able to take powerful legal action. Contact A Case for Women here today to learn about your possible legal options at no up-front cost to you.

About A Case for Women

A Case for Women is the only women-owned organization in the U.S. dedicated to empowering women to change their lives and help others through civil legal action. By providing an informative and safe place for dialogue and information, ACFW bridges the gap between injured women and the plaintiff law firms that can potentially help them. Learn more about A Case for Women at https://acaseforwomen.com.

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Amanda Billo, A Case for Women