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'Fear the Walking Dead' preview: Friendly survivors are now enemies?

Kimberly Potts
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Fear the Walking Dead continues its best season yet on Sunday when the final eight episodes of Season 3 kick off with the Clark and Otto families amongst those who want to lead life at Broke Jaw Ranch in the wake of Jeremiah Otto’s death.

In the Yahoo TV exclusive clip above, Nick — who was among those who survived the poison his fellow Los Angeles apocalypse survivor Ofelia administered to many at Broke Jaw — visits Ofelia. She’s a resident of the ranch now that The Nation members have moved in, and Nick wonders if she’s feeling guilt about what she did.

“Not as much as I thought. Guess I am my father’s daughter,” Ofelia says, referring to her former soldier father, Daniel (Ruben Blades), who is haunted by the fact that he killed nearly 100 people during wartime.

Ofelia lobs the question back at Nick, asking him if he feels guilty about the things he’s done in the apocalypse. Little does Ofelia know — or maybe she does? — that Nick is feeling all kinds of… unsettled. In the midseason finale, it was by his hand that Jeremiah Otto died, and Nick and his mom, Madison, staged it to look like Otto killed himself.

Like we said, best season yet continues to be the best season yet.

Fear the Walking Dead returns Sept. 10 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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