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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Recap: The Daniel’s Dam Story of Redemption

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Fear the Walking Dead finally revealed what happened to Daniel Salazar after the fire. Since Daniel is from El Salvador, and the episode takes place in Mexico, the producer decided to make almost the entire “100” episode in Spanish with English subtitles.

After Daniel burned down Celia’s home he managed to escape, though badly injured. He was discovered by a man named Efrain. Efrain is a good soul who fills water containers from a secret well and distributes the water to survivors.

Efrain brought Daniel to Lola, who runs the maintenance crew for Dante’s dam. Using a barber’s razor, Lola removed the rot from Daniel’s leg so that he could walk again. But once he was nursed back to health, Daniel ran away.

Daniel washed up in a storm drain, and Lola was forced to save him again by saying he was her new janitor. That didn’t last long though, because Dante noticed Daniel from the civil war in El Salvador. Dante was a big fan of Daniel and promoted him to the upper management of the dam cartel.

Daniel’s first assignment was to torture his friend Efrain into giving up Lola. It was tough watching Daniel beat Efrain, but just when he was about deliver the final blow, Lola jumped in and confessed.

Dante had all the people involved in giving water to the needy thrown off the dam. But Daniel had different ideas and killed Dante and his men. He then gave control of the dam over to Lola and Efrain and asked for forgiveness.

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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