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New Features Added to Financials Page

- By James Li

We are proud to announce a new feature within the 15-year financials page: the "Retrieve Data through Excel Function" to each of the financial calculations. This feature allows Excel Add-in users to view sample user-defined GURUF functions and guide them on how to create financial templates in Excel.

Brief overview of 15-year financials page

Consider the 15-year financials page for Apple Inc. (AAPL). By default, the 15-year financials page lists Apple's historical financial data grouped into six categories: per share data, ratios, income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement and valuation/quality. You can customize the financial data view, download the financial data to Excel or change the appearance of the page using the row of buttons illustrated in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Some notes about Figure 1:

  • Click the "Add View" link to create a custom financial data view. Please refer to the following article for details.
  • The "A+" and "A-" buttons change the font size of the data.
  • Click "Hide empty lines" to hide the financial calculations that have no data, i.e., a row of zeroes. This button toggles the empty lines.
  • Click "Hide the embedded charts" button to reset the 15-year financials view to just the financial data.
  • To export the financial data to Excel, click on either the "Export Excel file" button or the "Export CSV file" button.
  • Click the "PDF" button to download the stock PDF file for the company.

Introducing GURUF Sample Functions

When you click on one of the rows within the 15-year financials page, you should see two embedded charts and the new "Retrieve Data through Excel Function" section from left to right. Figure 2 shows a sample screen shot when you click on the "Revenue per Share" row.

Figure 2

Note: If you click on the "Revenue per Share" link, GuruFocus will take you to the definition page for Revenue per Share. Please click between the numbers within a row to view the charts.

Note the four sample links in the "Retrieve Data through Excel Function" section. The links show you a sample user-defined function that will retrieve the data. For example, if you type in

=GURUF("AAPL","Revenue per Share","1997:","A")

in a cell, the user-defined function will retrieve Apple's revenue per share (TTM) for each year since 1997. You can change the "A" to a "Q" to retrieve quarterly revenue per share or "Fiscal_Quarter" to retrieve the data based on Apple's fiscal quarter. Finally, if you only type the first two parameters, "AAPL" and "Revenue per Share," you will get Apple's current revenue per share (TTM).

Clicking on one of the links in the "Retrieve Data through Excel Function" section takes you to our Excel Add-in download page. We invite you to install the add-in and explore the new GURUF feature.

Important comments

The Excel Add-in is only offered to Premium and Premium Plus members. If you are not a member of GuruFocus, we invite you to sign up for a free seven-day trial. Premium members have a quota of 2,000 Excel Add-in queries per month while Premium Plus members get full Excel Add-in access (unlimited queries).

We also provided several user manuals and GURUF templates on our Excel Add-in download page. Feel free to check these out.

Disclosure: I do not have a postion in the stocks mentioned in this article.

This article first appeared on GuruFocus.