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New Features Rumored On Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung might endow its upcoming flagship device with high-end features including a foldable display with 4K screen resolution, a 30-megapixel camera and advanced AI.

New rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 keep emerging ahead of its expected released later in 2017. The device will is said to have some new cool features designed to lure consumers back to the Note series after the Note 7 scandal of 2016.

Some of the new rumored specs of Note 8 include:

VR compatible, edge-to-edge foldable display with 4K screen resolution

Samsung seems to have picked up from its vast market experience and might position its smartphone display and camera to woo customers. According to Netherlands-based YouTuber MobySmartCat, who specializes in smartphone leaks and rumors, the Note 8's display might have some interesting features.

In a video uploaded Dec. 24, MobySmartCat said the device will come with an edge-to-edge 5.7-inch flexible display which will transform into a 6.2-inch display by pushing a button on the side of the device. It is also expected to be VR-compatible and have a 4K screen resolution.

This would make the Note 8’s display the most advanced yet from Samsung.

30-megapixel rear camera

The Note 8 is expected to come equipped with a 30-megapixel rear cam, according to MobySmartCat. This would be a massive bump in specifications, compared to the Note 7’s 12-megapixel camera.

3.2 GHz Snapdragon 830 processor, 6GB RAM

In terms of processing power, Samsung might opt for a 10-nanometer technology-based Snapdragon 830 processor which will have better performance and battery optimization compared to existing processors such as the Snapdragon 820.

MobySmartCat added Samsung will offer two variants of the device — one with a Snapdragon 830 and the other with Samsung’s own Exynos 8895 Anastasia processor.

Android O

The device is expected to release in August/September 2017, which means that it may come after Google reveals its next Android iteration, the follow-up to Nougat. MobySmartCat referred to it as Android O, following Google’s alphabetic naming of its software updates.

Advanced AI

The Note 8 device is expected to have an advanced artificially intelligent voice assistant, which is expected to have an edge over Apple's Siri and Google Assistant as it might be better integrated with other devices such as smartwatches, VR headsets and smart home appliances.

LG batteries

Samsung is expected to source the batteries from LG instead of making its own.

Iris scanner

The device is expected to have an iris scanner which will scan your eyes to unlock the smartphone.

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