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Federal Agency Apologizes After Tweeting 'Bridesmaids' Meme Mocking Students On Financial Aid

Peter Jacobs

The Federal Student Aid agency apologized early Wednesday morning after a tweet from its official account late Tuesday night seemed to mock students who apply for financial aid.

The @FAFSA tweet read "If this is you, then you better fill out your FAFSA: fafsa.gov," accompanied by a image from the movie "Bridesmaids" with the caption "Help me. I'm poor." In the scene depicted, which has become a popular meme, Kristen Wiig's heavily intoxicated character tries to sneak into the first class cabin of an airplane.

The FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and determines a student's eligibility to receive financial aid from the federal government.

Here's the offensive tweet, via a screenshot from Twitter's iPhone app:

FAFSA Offensive Bridesmaids Tweet

Screenshot Via @FAFSA/Twitter

The "Bridesmaids" tweet was deleted late Tuesday night and the @FAFSA twitter account sent out this apology early Wednesday morning:

We apologize for the insensitivity of our previous tweet. Our goal is to make college a reality for all. We're very sorry.

— Federal Student Aid (@FAFSA) June 25, 2014

The U.S. Department of Education released the following statement on the FAFSA tweet Wednesday morning:

"We apologize for this insensitive Twitter post, which flies in the face of our mission of opening doors of opportunity for every student. It was an ill-conceived attempt at reaching students through social media. We are reviewing our process for approving social media content to ensure it reflects the high standards we expect at the U.S. Department of Education."

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