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Federal Compass Launches New Market Intelligence Platform For Government Contractors

Tools combine traditional market data with custom consulting to help companies large and small win more business

TYSONS, Va., Oct. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Federal Compass today announced the launch of a groundbreaking opportunity and market intelligence platform for government contractors—one that combines capture tools with on-demand consulting for a fluid experience from strategy to execution.

The Federal Compass platform is built around the unique "DNA" of each company's past performance, allowing contractors to quickly cut through the noise and view the market from their individual company perspective. With an integrated platform, translating research into action has never been easier with single-click actionable insights.

"Where's the advantage when you read the same report as your competition? We've built the entire platform around your past performance, so everything is relevant," said Chad Ganske, Co-founder and CEO of Federal Compass. "As government contractors fight for increasingly competitive federal dollars, it's tough to make the right decisions, and today's market intelligence tools aren't providing a complete picture."

The solution provides value to contractors ranging from large enterprises to small business. Federal Compass is leveling the playing field by giving contractors access to market intelligence that was previously only available through expensive consulting engagements. Contractors can identify new customers, find teaming partners and evaluate pathways to win business.

Federal Compass was founded earlier this year by Chad Ganske and Jim Sherwood, industry veterans with over 30 years' experience. Before founding Federal Compass, Ganske began his career at INPUT, and later worked as Development Director at Deltek GovWin. Sherwood began his career managing Federal products at INPUT, and later GovWin, before managing a market intelligence consulting practice at Wolf Den Associates.

"Federal Compass is an amazing platform for opportunity tracking, market research and contract forecasting. I've been using similar tools for many years, but Federal Compass 360's daily alerts and intuitive website are a gamechanger, making it convenient for me to find the information that I need most," said Aaron Kelley, President, UpSlope Advisors Inc.

The goal of Federal Compass is to offer a suite of tools that can be used across the enterprise to help contractors develop the right strategy, find the right opportunity and win business.

Federal Compass offers a free 10-day trial of its opportunity tools and market intelligence platform. For additional information, visit the Federal Compass website.


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