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FeganScott Law Firm Launches Investigation into SmileDirect


Law firm investigating SmileDirect’s marketing and sales of invisible dental liner treatments nationwide

FeganScott, LLC, a national class-action law firm, announced it has launched an investigation into SmileDirect, which provides orthodontic treatment without the patient ever being seen by an orthodontist.

According to the firm, SmileDirect may be ignoring proper licensing requirements to administer orthodontic services and may have made false and misleading claims to fraudulently entice customers to purchase its invisible liners for treatment.

SmileDirect’s business model is based on eliminating direct doctor contact with patients, and customers complain that they find themselves unable to reach any actual doctor to discuss complaints and injuries from using the aligners.

According to FeganScott Managing Member Elizabeth Fegan, who has led similar consumer class-action cases, SmileDirect has been the focus of a growing number of consumer complaints, including one from the American Dental Association.

“This is the story of a company who faces a barrage of litigation and, rather than address the legitimate concerns of licensed practitioners and customers, is choosing to stifle criticism,” Fegan said. “At the end of the day, when a company’s misleading claims cause substantial damage to their customers, it’s time to step in and demand accountability.”

Consumers who have been misled by SmileDirect can learn more about the firm’s investigation at smiledirect@feganscott.com.

FeganScott is a national class-action law firm dedicated to helping victims of consumer fraud, sexual abuse, and discrimination. The firm is championed by acclaimed veteran, class-action attorneys who have successfully recovered $1 billion for victims nationwide. FeganScott is committed to pursuing successful outcomes with integrity and excellence while holding the responsible parties accountable. To sign up for case updates, email smilesdirect@feganscott.com.

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