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FEMA head on working with Trump: 'If I’m not talking to his staff we’re talking to him'

Evie Fordham

Acting FEMA Administrator Pete Gaynor said that he has been in close contact with President Donald Trump as Category 5 Hurricane Dorian heads for the southern U.S. coast during an appearance on "Fox News Sunday."

"Daily, hourly, if I’m not talking to his staff we’re talking to him. We did a VTC [video teleconference] to Camp David yesterday. We were in his office, the oval office a couple of days ago. The Vice President is involved; the entire staff is involved. He has his finger on the pulse," Gaynor said.

Hurricane Dorian reached Category 5 as it headed for the Bahamas on Sunday morning. It's expected to graze Florida's eastern coast on Monday and other spots in the U.S. later in the week.

"So we want people to — don’t dismiss this storm," Gaynor said. "We are not out of it. Life-threatening, dangerous surge, water, wind is coming your way. Take the time now to prepare you and your family."

He also warned that anyone in affected areas should be careful not to drive in floodwaters.

"The majority of, 90 percent of all weather-related deaths come from water, flooding, surge; 50 percent of those deaths are people in cars driving through flooded waters," he said. "You've got to take this storm seriously."

Gaynor's words come the same week that police released audio of an Arkansas woman's final moments as she called 911 when a flash flood (not related to the hurricane) swept up her car.

"Please help me, I don't want to die!", Stevens begged on the call, which lasted more than 20 minutes. "I can't swim! I'm scared! I'm going to drown!"


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