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FEMA Says It’s Ready for Hurricane Florence, Defends 2017 Response

Ari Natter
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    So is this an assumption of preparedness or are you saying you are prepared because this is NOT Puerto Rico where 3000 or more people have died? Could this prep be because there are fewer "minorities" in the Carolinas?
    The problem is who drumpf put in charge of the agency. NO EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER REGARDING NATURAL DISASTERS...INCOMPETENCE TO THE MAX.
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    FEMA's own after action report stated they weren't prepared!!!!!
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    Puerto Rico was mistreated...because it is not a state..that's wrong
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    failure to deploy staff to Puerto Rico ? Really ? how were they supposed to get there ? airfields were destroyed/shut down... no decent ports. In addition, people were living in wooden or tin shacks. It's like a third world country.
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    Trump hated Puerto Ricans, that's why he just threw a roll of paper towel at them. I bet he's hired plenty of them to work on his properties at below minimum wage, then never paid them at all.
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    Fema Camp Counselor
    They always start off the coast of western Africa.
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    If Trump appointed this FEMA Director, he sucks. Appointing a climate change deniar to head FEMA is a political move, not a responsible choice.