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Fenbushi Digital Invests and Partners With Dispatch’s Data-Centric Blockchain Protocol


Dispatch Focuses on Adding $6 Million More to Funding, for Protocol Enhancement and Expanding Global Reach

Today, San Francisco based Dispatch announced an investment from and partnership with Fenbushi Digital. Fenbushi Digital and its affiliated fund Fenbushi Capital have been ranked among the top five blockchain venture capital firms in the world by CB Insights, and have consistently committed to investing in best-in-class, blockchain-based protocols and solutions that can democratize global opportunities. With its new investment, Dispatch will work closely with Fensbushi and its partners to engage and capitalize on key strategic opportunities throughout Asia.

“Dispatch is in an exceptional position to help entrepreneurs and enterprises in multiple industries as they create impactful, data-intensive blockchain applications,” said Bo Shen, Founding Partner at Fenbushi. “The Dispatch team and their data-centric protocol allow us to work together to build a global community and cultivate ideas into real-world blockchain solutions.”

Dispatch, creator of the Dispatch Protocol, allows developers to create data-intensive distributed ledger applications. By using Dispatch's Zero Knowledge Analytics™ and its Delegated Asynchronous Proof of Stake (DAPoS) functionality, businesses can build fast, secure blockchain solutions with zero transaction costs that are backwards compatible with the Ethereum network and provide data privacy and data sovereignty for use cases such as Healthcare, Autonomous Vehicles, AI marketplaces, and smart cities IoT implementations. Applications built on the Dispatch Protocol are HIPPA and GDPR compliant. Dispatch has successfully launched multiple versions of its testnet distributed ledger, mobile wallet, smart contracts and software developer kit, and will launch its Mainnet 3.0 in Q4 of 2018.

Dispatch has a number of proprietary, patented technologies. Dispatch Zero-Knowledge Analytics is its data management solution that stores encrypted data in its Dispatch Artifacts Networks (DAN), enabling companies of all sizes to comply with numerous regulations and responsibly store personal information, greatly de-risking the centralized data businesses store today.

“Dispatch is excited to have both an investment and collaboration with Fenbushi as our partner in Asia expanding our global reach to an important part of our blockchain community,” said Dispatch CEO, Matt McGraw. “We share the same vision, and our team at Dispatch is thrilled to quickly contribute to the great community that Fenbushi has already built.”

Fenbushi Digital has brought together some of the earliest pioneers in the blockchain industry to invest in leading decentralized projects, leveraging novel token economic models to disrupt a wide range of industries.

About Fenbushi Digital

Founded in 2017, Fenbushi Digital has brought together some of the earliest pioneers in the blockchain industry to invest in leading decentralized projects leveraging novel token economic models to disrupt a wide range of industries. Fenbushi Digital positions itself as a long term strategic partner to its projects, typically taking an active role to work with its projects to build decentralized ecosystems. For more information, visit https://fenbushi.digital. Fenbushi Digital is a member of gf.network, which unites the most influential blockchain investors around the globe with a combined portfolio of over 100 leading blockchain projects to share resources and generate synergies to more effectively build the global blockchain ecosystem. The founding members of gf.network include Fenbushi Capital – founded in 2015 as Asia’s first blockchain-focused venture capital fund, Fenbushi Digital – founded in 2017 to be a long term strategic partner to leading decentralization projects, and Blockasset – founded in 2017 to support global inclusive blockchain projects. For more information, visit https://gf.network.

About Dispatch

Dispatch provides tools for entrepreneurs and enterprises to develop business solutions built for speed, scale, security and an emphasis on handling large amounts of data with integrity. With the Dispatch Protocol, developers create data-rich, decentralized ledger applications and build impactful blockchain solutions. With its innovative consensus algorithm, Delegated Asynchronous Proof of Stake (DAPoS) and the Dispatch Artifact Network (DAN) the protocol provides a comprehensive development environment to build new or transition traditional applications that embrace the true benefits of blockchain technology. Dispatch supports creativity, growth and responsible change, and partners with startups and high-growth enterprises alike. For more information, visit http://dispatchlabs.io or join the Dispatch community on Telegram. Interested investors may contact Shadan Azali at Shadan@dispatchlabs.io or 917.932.7423.

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