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Feonix Announces New Program "Mobility by Design" to Expand Service in Rural and Small Urban Communities

LINCOLN, Neb., May 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Feonix – Mobility Rising is celebrating their 1-year anniversary by launching a new program called Mobility by Design, which will allow rural and small urban communities to affordably expand their mobility options and deploy Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

Feonix, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, is dedicated to enhancing mobility for vulnerable and underserved communities – seniors, veterans, refugees, families in crisis, and individuals with disabilities.  Feonix also specializes in launching volunteer driver programs to fill in the gaps in existing services.

Feonix works with local leaders to deploy and coordinate transportation options for:

  • enhancing access to healthcare – reducing missed appointments,
  • expanding employment opportunities - filling jobs, and
  • increasing educational opportunities – giving college and high school student more options.

Feonix supports rural hospitals and medical clinics, departments of economic development, colleges, and city administrators in filling the transportation gaps for those most in need. "We are dedicated to serving communities and creating the mobility ecosystems necessary for their residents to thrive.  Our Mobility as a Service (MaaS) one stop shop transportation solution enhances independence for individuals who are unable to drive and saves time and stress for social workers, case managers, and nurses in supporting their clients," says Executive Director and Founder, Valerie Lefler.

Headquartered in the heart of America in Lincoln, NE, Feonix's reach encompasses 5 states, and their team includes 14 purpose-driven leaders from across the country.

Together, in just their first year, the Feonix team has facilitated the design, planning and implementation of projects in communities ranging in size from 800 to 800,000 including,

  • Deploying the MaaS AARP Ride@50+ Program, powered by Feonix – Mobility Rising, in Columbia, South Carolina,
  • Launching trip booking technology with HealthTran, a program of the Missouri Rural Health Association, to support volunteers and public transit agencies for 3 Federally Qualified Health Centers in Missouri,
  • Creating innovative technology and training "Feonix – Connect" for public transit fixed and paratransit services with Ann Arbor Michigan's public transit system, TheRide. This program is funded by the Mobility Challenge Grant program with the Michigan Dept of Transportation.
  • Launching rural Mobility as a Service "Winnebago Catch A Ride," focused on filling in the gaps in employment and healthcare transportation for Winnebago County, Wisconsin with the East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, supported by Easter Seals.
  • Piloting Mobility as a Service technology with the Coastal Plains Community Center in the Coastal Bend of Texas, with support from the National Aging and Disability Transportation Center, Coastal Bend Center for Independent Living, and Area Agency on Aging of the Coastal Bend.

"Since the inception of Feonix, our board and leadership team have strived to not only make a difference, and to bring cutting edge innovation to the table with programs that have been around for decades, such as volunteer driving," said Flora Castillo, Feonix Board President & Chair.  "We know firsthand the value of having accessible, reliable and affordable mobility options, and Valerie's leadership and creativity has been instrumental in our accomplishments for our first year in operation," continued Flora.

Mobility by Design (MBD) is about enhancing transportation options to improve quality of life and public health in small urban and rural communities. Lefler states, "We are taking best practices from across the globe alongside our expertise in expanding mobility in communities, and week by week, deploying the latest technology, community engagement models, marketing techniques, and accessibility programs, all while learning from each other, and lifting each other up." 

In some communities, MBD participants may be starting from scratch – not a single bus, taxi, or transportation provider in sight, and we will help them build from the ground up a mobility ecosystem that meets their needs.  Other communities may have 15 mobility options, but none of them work together, or they have institutional silos that leave gaps in service. Mobility by Design will provide expertise, technology, and a framework to break down these barriers – as well as peer support from other community leaders across the country tackling the same issues.

Feonix will be hosting 2 live webinars "7 Steps to Launch Mobility as a Service" in May to introduce the MBD program and demonstrate the MaaS Technology.  Individuals can learn more and sign-up online.

"Our first year's success would not have been possible without the hard work, time, and talent of our team. Their passion and dedication to improving the quality of lives in the communities we support is what drives us every day," stated Lefler.

Media Contact:

April Edwards, Marketing Director


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