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Fernando Pullum - Urges Parents to Teach Social Responsibility from a Young Age

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 11, 2016 / While the educational focus of so many school age parents is on such practical matters such as test scores and extracurricular activities, there remains a vital component to a well-rounded education and that is in the area of social responsibility. If one assumes the goal of schooling is to produce not only young people who can think well and achieve goals but who can understand the world around them and have a sense of the common good, then the teaching of public duty becomes key. Music educator Fernando Pullum is the founder of the non-profit Fernando Pullum Community Arts Center (FPCAC) in Los Angeles, which works with inner city school kids through the philosophy that musical education leads to greater achievement and a more holistic understanding of the world as well as a sense of commitment to the community.

"Social responsibility is sometimes defined as a personal investment in the well-being of others," says Fernando Pullum. "And the empathy and concern for others doesn't just happen. It takes intention, attention, and time. Each phase of a child's life opens their eyes to perceiving the world in different ways as well as interacting with it. If one is to take an intentional approach to social responsibility, there are certain essential approaches that should be tailored to each phase."

For the pre-kindergarten student, says Pullen, the world is black and white with no gray areas. They think in absolutes of right or wrong and good or bad. At this age they are just beginning to appreciate perspective of others and to develop the seeds of empathy. Given their primarily egocentric world-view – meaning they believe that others see things the way they do – one of the best elements of public service to teach is the basic concept of sharing, because it is most easily translated and understood. By kindergarten, children become more reciprocal in their relationships with peers, expand their sense of empathy and develop the ability to see things from another's perspective. At this age it is appropriate to begin introducing more complex and sophisticated concepts such as poverty and other social challenges. Finally, by school age, students become more interested in abstract topics such as justice and democratic decision-making. It is at this time that educators, whether parents or teachers, can begin to explore the concepts of extenuating circumstances, motivations, and intentions of other people.

Educator and professional musician Fernando Pullum grew up in Chicago's Westside, the toughest neighborhood in the city. Despite the challenges, he earned his bachelor's degree in music education (1981) and master's in trumpet performance (1983). After moving to Los Angeles in 1984, he took over the music program at LA's Washington Prep High School, which earned the privilege of becoming LAUSD's first music magnet. During the years that followed, 100% of Fernando's students graduated with a high school diploma and only one student failed to enroll in college during the next fifteen years.

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