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Fewer ships from China docking in Long Beach port due to trade war

Nick Giampia

The U.S.-China tariff spat has led to a reduction of ships coming in from China and a spike in other Asia countries, according to Mario Cordero, the executive director of the Port of Long Beach.

“At least in the first six months of this year, there has been a change of 22% reduction from the China origin of the cargo,” he told FOX Business Cheryl Casone on “The Claman Countdown.”

Officials at the port announced earlier this month that cargo volumes in July were down compared to the year before, seeing a 9.7% drop.

Cordero said President Trump’s tariffs are pushing companies to outsource from China to other Asian countries.

“On the short-term you’re seeing a lot of companies who have a strategy now of China plus one, which means China plus another region in terms of potential outsourcing,” he said.

Cordero said the trade war has led to a spike in ships coming in from other Asian countries.


“If you look to countries like Vietnam almost now at a 46 percent in terms of increase, I’m talking about year to year.”

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