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Field Day Announces Waze Partnership as Tech Brands Leverage Grassroots Marketing

The First Startup to Disrupt Grassroots Marketing is Helping Big Brands Engage with Consumers Face-to-Face in a Programmatic and Measurable Way

LOS ANGELES, April 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Field Day, the first local marketing platform and marketplace to connect brands with local ambassadors for grassroots marketing initiatives, announced today it has partnered with Waze to help spread the word on Waze Carpool.  The company's data driven approach is a first for brands leveraging this old-school, time-tested method of field marketing in today's highly analyzed and measured landscape.

Field Day's platform is helping Waze identify local marketing opportunities while structuring and organizing their local activation efforts with launching these timely grassroots campaigns.  Field Day has built the first programmatic brand ambassador marketplace to scale, enabling brands to activate highly curated ambassadors at a hyper local level to effectively influence potential customers.

Field Day spans across a variety of industries from helping tech giants like Waze programmatically build and deploy mass brand awareness and product education campaigns to supporting brick and mortar clients like Pei Wei or Portillo's promote catering and generate leads by canvassing local businesses around each store.  Their agile approach is built to scale as these brands can now test campaigns in one market and then replicate those efforts nationally with the click of a button.

"We turned to Field Day when we wanted to educate college campuses and business districts about the unique value and benefits of Waze Carpool," said Kate Balingit, Head of Waze Carpool Enterprise Strategy. "We appreciate Field Day's approach of using a guerrilla, ground-up strategy combined with a measured, data-driven structure."

"Field Day's mission is adjacent to how we want to help clients like Waze succeed – utilize grassroots marketing in a structured, measurable manner to drive awareness and conversion," said Alex Nocifera, Founder & CEO of Field Day. "We believe our face-to-face marketing focus is an early trend that marketers will see as a fixture in the marketing stack of how to influence consumers."

Field Day is now live in all major markets, having executed thousands of grassroots campaigns for multiple categories and major brands across the US.   Field Day being a new contributor to the "gig economy", though powered by their enterprise data platform, makes them a unique disruptor in the enterprise marketing landscape.

Contact: Ryan Duitch; ryan@fielddayapp.io
Website: www.fielddayapp.io



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