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Field Nation Launches New Service to Solve Staffing Challenge

Multi-site work orders eliminate duplicate data entry and streamline workflow for multi-site service companies

MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Multi-site services come with the unique challenge of managing dozens of sites across the country at once. With this business structure it is difficult to find technicians, manage deliverables from each site, and keep communication in one place. Creating individual work orders and assigning different technicians to each site is tedious and time consuming.

Field Nation launches new service to solve staffing challenge. Multi-site work orders eliminate duplicate data entry and streamline workflow for multi-site service companies.

To help multi-site field service companies Field Nation created the multi-site work order. New and existing users now have the ability to create one work order to manage multiple sites. This new service allows multi-site managers to nestle multiple sites under the parent work order to streamline communication, attract talent and view everything in one place.

Save time and streamline communication
With multi-site work orders, dispatchers and managed service providers can group multiple individual sites under one work order. Using a single template to outline the scope of work to perform at each site, Dispatchers can then communicate with technicians about completion requirements directly through the parent work order. Dispatchers communicate with technicians through one parent work order. Dispatchers can view progress from one screen and ask questions easily when needed.

Find Multi-site Service Technicians Fast
Many multi-site field service companies use dated techniques of posting jobs on Indeed, Monster, or Craigslist to find multi-site service technicians. Now, these companies can post all sites under one work order for a marketplace of technicians to request. The average time for a work order to be requested is under 6 minutes.

Instead of finding a technician for each site, multi-site field service companies can find one technician for a group of sites. And, instead of showing multiple work orders at a lower price, companies can post the entire group of work orders under a consolidated price. As a higher value set of work, more skilled technicians will request to complete the work.

View deliverables from individual locations and catch duplicate photos
Multi-site field service companies staff can now see deliverables from one view. Technicians upload photos from each site to show project completion. Dispatchers can use Field Nation's duplicate photo detection algorithm to catch duplicate photos.

Client successes
AllOver Media is one business that is already benefiting from this new service. The company handles a variety of advertising initiatives, including wall capes, billboards and bus wraps. When AllOver Media engages a technician, he or she must cover multiple sites within a region. Before multi-site work orders, dispatchers had to create individual work orders for each location. Finding technicians and communicating deliverables on each site was time consuming. Now they can pick one technician to handle multiple sites and communicate on them all from one parent work order. 

For more information, visit https://fieldnation.com/multi-site-services.

About Field Nation
Field Nation connects businesses with service providers and partners with them to complete projects. Field Nation combines marketplace coverage with project management tools to deliver on-site expertise anytime, anywhere. Whether companies of 1 or 1,000 need to manage internal staff projects, contingent workforce tasks, or source local service providers for immediate needs, Field Nation is the number one choice to get work done.

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