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Finally, an App That Tells Women How the Weather Will Affect Their Curls

Alyssa Bereznak
National Correspondent, Technology
Yahoo Tech

Dealing with unpredictable weather just got a little less hairy for women with curls.

An new web app called How’s My Hair, created by freelance developer Gab White, offers you a daily forecast based on how your locks will react to their environment. You get a report on factors like humidity and wind level to determine how badly your hair might misbehave or whether it’s worth it to do some styling. 

White’s inspiration for the app came from her own experiences as a curly-haired lady aspiring for hair greatness: 

“Sometimes you can peer out your window on a sunny June morning and expect nothing but the best of hair days only to step outside and realize that the humidity is at 95% and all that work gone into heat styling your hair was wasted,” she writes on her personal site. “You can literally watch your straightened locks shrivel up into frizzy corkscrews before your eyes.”

Truer words have never been written. Let’s see how the app works:

Step 1:

Go to gabwhite.com/weather.

Step 2:

Tell the app where you live:

Step 3:

Read your hair-oscope.

Step 4:

Style accordingly. (And take note of tomorrow’s hair forecast.)

Step 5:

Have fabulous hair. Always.

Thank you Gab White. You are my queen.

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