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Financial Review on Dow Chemical and Celanese - Global Economy Dividing Chemical Companies

NEW DELHI, INDIA--(Marketwire - Nov 7, 2012) - Companies with operations in chemicals, such as Dow Chemical and Celanese, have had mixed results of late, as the macroeconomic climate remains shaky. That being said, fortunes could pick up in the final months of the year and into 2013, as government stimulus projects in several major economies could jump-start demand. The Chemicals industry has seen the above updates lately. Members can access complimentary reports for two companies, Dow Chemical Company ( NYSE : DOW ) and Celanese Corporation ( NYSE : CE ), serving this industry at

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Successful companies have been deploying a number of tactics to grow their operations during trying times. Some have been releasing new and innovative products while others have been going the acquisition route. Controlling expenses has also been key to improving quarterly financials. Amidst a persistently slow global economy, a number of companies have started trimming down costs recently within the chemicals industry. Dow Chemical already announced its plans to shut down 20 manufacturing plants and lay-off close to 2,400 jobs. Dow Chemical financial analysis available by signing up for free at

While there have been some success stories, a number of companies have also come up short of late. Volume has been down for select companies, with numbers from Europe and the Asia/Pacific region declining in some cases. Negative currency impact has also dragged profits down for some international companies. Our financial analysis on Celanese is accessible at

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