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Financial Review on LDK Solar and Yingli Green Energy - Solar Stocks Could Heat up With Obama

NEW DELHI, INDIA--(Marketwire - Nov 12, 2012) - For companies with operations in the solar energy field, such as LDK Solar and Yingli Green Energy Holding, the re-election of President Barack Obama looks to be beneficial. Obama's energy stance has been heralded as greener than Mitt Romney's, and companies well positioned to take advantage of the current market conditions could outperform their peers. Street-Wire posted analysis on LDK Solar Co. Ltd. ( NYSE : LDK ) and Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited ( NYSE : YGE ) at


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U.S. companies also have the upholding of import duties levied against certain foreign companies to look forward to. The U.S. International Trade Commission set final duties on Chinese solar imports to level the playing field, which had been skewed by Chinese government subsidies allowing producers to sell products below cost. For certain companies in China, this news is not as positive. LDK Solar and Yingli Green Energy financial analysis are available at



There are currently several tailwinds for the industry, but it is not without its own set of problems. Solar remains expensive relative to a number of other energy options, and with governments, businesses and individuals still struggling economically, some are putting off solar purchases until they are more financially stable. This trend is being reflected in the quarterly earnings of a number of companies, as sales and earnings remain solid yet subdued.

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