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Financial Services Partners Co-Author Dynamic Book for Business Leaders on How to Build the Perfect Team

"The Team Game" is the New Definitive Playbook for Business Leaders, Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Managers to Grow and Thrive Amid Changing Times

ISELIN, N.J., May 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Authors John F. Bucsek and Bellaria Jimenez today announced the launch of their new book, The Team Game: How Your Business Can Dominate Year After Year. After being partners in a multimillion-dollar organization that has been using teaming for the past 20 years, John and Bellaria are ready to share their research and experience on how businesses can maximize productivity with positive team member attitudes and unique skill sets. The Team Game dives into the philosophy behind teaming while using sports and business references alike, explaining how managers can get the most out of their workforce.

The Team Game offers instructions on how to build your team, design a personal playbook that caters to specific business needs, and then advance your team. The book then expands on coaching specifically as a way to provide readers with on-going training and support to take their team to the next level. Using sports metaphors, John and Bellaria break down how to build a winning coaching staff, a formidable team roster, a promising team pipeline, and finally how to align all of these moving parts with your brand. The second half of the book focuses on the playbook; detailed guidelines on how to properly implement what you learned about teaming to increase productivity, recruiting, and retention among your team.

"My passion has always been to attract, train, and develop women, millennials, and the Hispanic community to reach their full potential, and this book is the next step in my journey on that mission," said Bellaria Jimenez, Co-Author of The Team Game. "This book is truly a culmination of our experience as business leaders over the past two decades, and we are providing valuable lessons on embracing millennials, promoting and attracting women, creating a diverse team, and so much more."

Alongside the book, John and Bellaria are also offering their services in The Coaching Center, which can help take your team to the next level. For $299.95, The Coaching Center package includes a hardback and eBook copy of The Team Game, combined with an interactive online course, library of customizable templates and worksheets that you can use for your business, as well as monthly coaching calls with John and Bellaria.

"Every dynastic sports team in history has the same common thread - they're all coached incredibly well with an emphasis on building a rock-solid team and culture," said John Bucsek, Co-Author of The Team Game. "We thought, why wouldn't these same principles apply to teams in the business world and the answer is they absolutely do. In The Team Game, we have broken down and analyzed some of history's greatest teams and with our recommendations, hope we can help many business leaders create their own dynasty."

The Team Game is currently available for purchase for $24.95 on the website and on Amazon. Additionally, business leaders interested in teaming can additional information and The Coaching Center at www.theteamgame.com.  For further information, to request a review copy, or to interview the authors, please contact Kyle Celeste at kyle@resoundmarketing.com.

About John F. Bucsek:
John is a Certified Financial Planner™ whose success in building and implementing change in financial firms spans for decades. John has been brought into organizations that require an overhaul when change is inevitable and all else has failed. He is the recipient of many industry awards and honors, and is active in several industry associations, including the Impact Committee for the AALU, the board of trustees of the GAMA Foundation for Education and Research and President Elect for FPANJ. His success with financial firms has spanned for decades. His development of financial professionals, specialists and management is based on his broad knowledge of the industry and client needs. By developing financial teams, his organizations have the competitive edge to excel in the industry. John's knowledge of the industry is highly regarded and he has been mentioned in several media channels, including USA Today and Forbes.

About Bellaria Jimenez:
Bellaria is a Certified Financial Planner™ and Chartered Financial Consultant®, and a member of GAMA, WIFS, FPANJ, and NAIFA. She has received several recognitions throughout her career, including the Hispanic Corporate Achiever of the Year; Top 50 Business Women in New Jersey; and the Prominent Woman Award. Bellaria's passion has always been to attract, train and develop women, Millennials and Hispanic advisors to help them reach their full potential. Due to her dedication and commitment to Financial Literacy Initiatives, she had the distinguished honor of ringing the opening bell on Wall Street during Financial Literacy Week.


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