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Financial Solutions Consumer Group Now Offering Debt Relief With A Performance Guarantee

Financial Solutions Consumer Group an A rated BBB company has created a debt relief program that promises the very best in debtor support and solutions, coupled with a performance guarantee and a legal assistance plan

Boca Raton, FL, United States of America / ACCESSWIRE / July 24th, 2014 / The financial crisis of 2007 is still being felt seven years later, and in 2014, there is still no shortage of people in over their heads with loans, credit cards and other financial burdens they are ill equipped to pay back. Financial Solutions Consumer Group through years of debt settlement experience has created a means of debt relief that truly helps people in their financial situations, ensuring repayment plans that suit the individual needs and the budget of the client. The whole debt relief program now comes with a minimum performance guarantee that unless there is a savings of at least 40% no settlement fee is charged.

The benefits http://www.fscgonline.com/program-benefits/ of their debt relief programs over competitors are numerous and significant. FSCG offers a legal protection plan, separately administered and overseen from the debt settlement program to cover lawsuits and harassing collection calls. Furthermore, their fee is not owed until a client has completely settled each individual debt. Even then, the fee will not be charged unless the company saves users at least 40% on their total debts, ensuring individuals will save money.

The company offers credit card debt relief, student loan consolidation and debt reduction programs to ensure that no matter the cause of the debt problem, they are able to provide a solution. They even offer a free debt consultation analysis with no obligation for potential clients to understand how much they could save, and how much easier their payments could be.

A spokesperson for Financial Solutions Consumer Group explained, “Our debt consolidation and relief programs have been created entirely with the client in mind, and has already seen huge success for a great many individuals seeking debt freedom. The most fundamental means by which we have defined our program is by ensuring it allows people to pay what they can, on a timeframe they can support, and on average within thirty months or less to ensure that debts are not a lifetime burden. We are proud of our ability to help people move on from that chapter in their lives more quickly.”

About Financial Solutions Consumer Group: Built on understanding and trust, Financial Solutions Consumer Group offers debtors credit card debt relief programs that can help save money, get out of debt in just a few years and provide legal protection. FSCG’s debt relief program works on contingency, meaning debtors do not pay fees until their debts have been successfully negotiated.

Visit http://www.fscgonline.com/ for more information.

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