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Finchloom Launches Security Service 'PhishPrevent' - Using Technology, A.I. and Humans to Combat Hacking

AGOURA HILLS, Calif., Feb. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Finchloom, a 100% Microsoft Cloud Partner and value-added reseller of Microsoft subscriptions, today launched Finchloom PhishPrevent. This fully managed security service provides organizations of all types and sizes with a dedicated security team to detect and eliminate sophisticated phishing attacks and protect the identities of all employees.

These types of attacks have reached epidemic levels and target all types of businesses with attempts to steal money or passwords to access company resources and perform malicious acts like redirecting employee paychecks or luring employees to take actions that benefit bad actors. 

PhishPrevent was developed in-house by Finchloom Certified Security Specialists based on Microsoft Technology "weaved" with industry-leading tools to deliver a complete solution to eliminate 99.9% of identity threats, including:

  • Complete Security In-Depth Guidance for Microsoft 365: Finchloom Security Experts provide best practices to fully secure the environment with Multi-Factor Authentication, Conditional Access, Advanced Threat Protection, and more from Microsoft 365. 
  • Outlook Add-In Button to Report Phishing: For all versions of Outlook. When an email is submitted by pressing the button, the Finchloom Security Hunters will decide if the email is Safe or Phishing. If it's phishing, the email is pulled from all mailboxes in the organization. 
  • Identity Logging with Unusual Activity Detection: The technology looks at all cloud login activity from a customer's Microsoft 365 tenant.  Unusual login attempts, such as first-time logins from foreign countries, are logged and alerted to our customer to make sure they are permissible or not. 
  • Domain Name Spoof Monitoring: The technology looks for domain names bought that resemble a customer's so that all emails from the fake domain can be blocked. 
  • Ongoing Training and Simulations: Monthly email and video communications are sent to each employee pointing out new phishing techniques and reminding everyone to always report phishing by submitting emails. User awareness is tested with monthly simulations that build confidence and re-enforce the training learned.

Finchloom has been testing the PhishPrevent Service with a small group of BETA customers and the response has been overwhelming. "Our users are starting to build a security culture at work where they question things and don't just agree to comply with strange requests," said Michelle Allen – IT Executive from Storm Industries. "We thank Finchloom for helping us build this security culture by talking to each of our employees and working out their awareness muscles with the simulations."

More details about Finchloom PhishPrevent can be found on the Finchloom website at https://finchloom.com/phishprevent.

Finchloom is a 100% Microsoft Partner focused on Modern Workplace and Security, providing Microsoft Cloud Subscriptions with unlimited Break/Fix Cloud Support and License Analysis.

Media Contact:
Jim Richardson
Phone: 805-323-3867
Email: jrichardson@finchloom.com 

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/company/finchloom

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