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FindTheBest Rebrands as Graphiq; Launches New Data Visualization Products for Online Publishing Industry

SANTA BARBARA, CA--(Marketwired - August 11, 2015) - Leading vertical search company FindTheBest today announced that it has changed its name to Graphiq and is launching a suite of new data visualization products and integrations for the online publishing industry.

Over the past 6 years, the company has amassed the world's deepest and most interconnected Knowledge Graph, featuring 1,000 collections, 1 billion entities, 120 billion attributes, and 25 billion curated relationships. The Graphiq Knowledge Graph is sourced from the world's most authoritative public, private, and proprietary sources, and forms the foundation of all Graphiq products.

"Everything we do transforms raw data into vivid, contextually-rich visualizations and knowledge products. We've established ourselves as leaders in data aggregation and visualization on our vertical search engines and are well positioned to launch a new suite of data visualization products for online publishers," said Graphiq CEO, Kevin O'Connor. "Our expanded vision necessitated a more fitting name, and we're excited to bring Graphiq to market."

The constant challenge for publishers is to produce engaging content both faster and cheaper. Interactive visualizations have been shown to dramatically increase engagement but were traditionally difficult and expensive to create. With a suite of new data visualization products for journalists and editors, Graphiq will now publicly make available 10 billion pre-designed, interactive, and live-updating visualizations. These products include:

  • Graphiq Search, where journalists can browse trending visualizations or search its entire library of 10B+ visualizations in one convenient interface
  • Graphiq Feed, which delivers breaking news alerts, automated research, and original research from the Graphiq News Desk.
  • Graphiq Plugins, which algorithmically recommend visualizations to pair with content directly from journalists' and editors' content management systems. Plugins are available for Wordpress, WordPress VIP, and custom integrations.

Graphiq is also announcing enterprise integrations with several of the world's leading publishers, including AOL, The Huffington Post, MSN, International Business Times, Hearst Newspapers, and more. Graphiq content was loaded 159 million times on external sites in July.

"Graphiq offers us a fantastic way to communicate information to our readers through captivating and interactive displays," said Ethan Fedida, Strategic Partnerships Manager at The Huffington Post. "Whether we use Graphiq to serve as the inspiration for an article or as a supplement for existing articles, Graphiq's visualizations always elevate our content."

All 10B+ of Graphiq's visualizations are mobile responsive and embeddable on any webpage. Readers can filter, zoom, and hover to see additional details, making for a fully interactive experience that increases engagement metrics, like time on site, by up to 40%. Readers can click through to a Graphiq vertical search engine to research a complete set of related visualizations.

To learn more about enterprise integrations, contact Graphiq at publishers@graphiq.com.

Graphiq (formerly FindTheBest) is a data aggregation and visualization company focused on turning complicated data into contextually-rich presentations of the world's knowledge. For consumers, Graphiq operates a number of trusted vertical search engines, spanning tech gadgets (specout.com) and real estate (findthehome.com), to education (startclass.com) and government (insidegov.com). For publishers, the company offers several solutions for improving audience engagement with embeddable, contextually-rich visualizations. More information is available at www.graphiq.com.

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